King Dothraki (Stahleck Melee 1st Place)

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Daviduk91 184

This was my Melee winning deck list at this years Stahleck. The game plan is relatively simple do many power challenges and win in one big turn. There are a few routes you can take with this giving you some versatility and durability. But the key components are one or more Dothraki characters with a power icon, and 3+ Attachments in play. (Turn into The Silver Steed)

Fleet Captain + Every Captain is a King. With a fleet captain on a Dothraki or 2,you can make them not kneel in power challenges until the end of the phase. This lasts even if you later remove the Fleet captain. Assuming all silver steeds are in your deck at this point. As long as you can win the challenges you can make up to 4 power challenges. +1 for each Meereenese Market and Isle of Ravens you have out. This is the strongest play you have. And can get upwards of 15 power in 1 turn. Assuming you have and opponent who cannot defend all the challenges, you get minimum 1 unopposed, 1 claim, 1 renown per challenge. +1 for each rival, and any other renown you might have.

Fleet Captain + Maiden's Bane With this combo you can do the same as above but you need the unopposed, You can use Grey Ghost, Stealth, or use Qohor to get some Fishing Net out in advance, to help make this easier.

Plenty of Dothraki. If you can't get one of those combos you can manage the same buy just having a 3+ Dothraki characters out and using them 1 at a time and moving the silver steed to a new character each time.

This deck is fragile, and I don't believe easy to pilot. It requires a lot of making yourself look weak and playing the table. The combos are weak to things like Treachery, Hands Judgment, Craven, Remove from challenge effects, Icon removal, Kneel, targeted removal. There are many ways you can be interrupted. The strength comes from the fact you can win from so little, You just need to make your openings and recognize when you can win from nothing.

Tips Don't play silver steed from hand unless you have to if you do make sure to use it for Qohor, or else you might leave yourself susceptible to Sweet sleep (an inconvenience). Don't pile up your attachments one few characters or you'll become weak to Pointy end. Plan ahead, turn one get out beggar king for money, turn 2 set up some fleet captains. Turn 3 try and win. I tend to open At the gates, Exchange, Exchange, You have to be quite unlucky not to see combo pieces through all that. But if you don't then you can win even without the combos.

Plots. Your Gates, Exchange, Exchange, are all pretty important, the other 4 slots are very toolboxy Play around, I wish I had brought mad kings command myself. every time it was used on my tables I won that turn.

And yes this deck can win on turn one :P. However the stars really do need to align. You need to go last you need one of the 2 combos out, you need your opponents to get 4 power for you to steal, you need all challenges to be unopposed, you need enough characters to claim soak (or convince your opponents not to attack you) your opponents need no answers. And if you fail. you've lost XD


Xelcor 1

Very cool deck, i was hoping to see the decklist of this ngl xD. The most anoying card for me was actually that fishing net (i dont feel that the combo is anoying per se just getting combod is tho ^^). It feels like you can make some player a hidden target with it a bit and put attention away from your self. Ofcourse you have to be careful somebody doenst win becasue of it.

Comm 48

Very interesting deck !

I really like the idea of staying out of the radar until you have the required pieces to win. I suppose not many people have guessed where you were going before you pulled the combo out. Cleverly thought !

I was amazed to see Dothraki Handmaiden but I think there here only for their Dothraki trait.

You don’t have any restricted card. Don’t you think Plaza of Pride could be interesting ? It would let you need less characters on the board. And it can even stand Erik :)

Daviduk91 184

@Comm Trading with the pentoshi is restricted in Melee unfortunately. Otherwise I’d definitely have Plaze or Queensguards in here. And yeah the hand maiden is rarely there for her ability. The 2 cost dothraki train is all that is important, infact I’m pretty sure the game I won’t on turn 1 was thanks to a Dothraki Handmaiden with fleet captain and maidens bane 😂