Daario Azor Ahai (2023 version)

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Daario Azor Ahai 10 8 1 2.0
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BadDecks 73

Updated version of my 2020 idea, it wins more often than not in the current meta. Pretty wild a fun combination of cards. Enjoy.


Req 7

I love the detailed description on your 2020 version, well done

BadDecks 73

@Req thank you :)

Anselme. 64

Nice idea and nice deck ! Just a question, Beyond Reproach is a must have or it can be replaced with here to serve to make outwit more easy to play ? And cressen and qarth still deal with opponent attachment ?

BadDecks 73

@Anselme. thanks and good question. Here to serve is a valid swap but after years of playing this deck you usually just win after playing late prince > trading with pentoshi > and grand melee. Thoros is a must play if you have him because he protects daario from valar morghulis, if for some reason he hasn’t come up within 3 plots usually maester cressen at least comes into play and then you just gotta throw outwit on plot 2 or 3 and the game is won. Sometimes you even get daario dupes and then you don’t even need thoros or cressen. There’s actually tons of win conditions with the deck :) if luck is WAY against you and azor ahai never comes it’s just unfortunate and happens once in a while.