House Targaryen, Banner of the Lion

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House Targaryen, Banner of the Lion 0 0 0 2.0
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Jaime & Drogo's Excellent Adventure 14 11 14 1.0
House Targaryen, Banner of the Lion 5 3 1 4.0
House Targaryen, Banner of the Lion 0 0 0 1.0

Alexfrog 256


Korppi 9

This deck looks nice + story behind the deck +1.

Fruggles 101

Haven't found the Noble Cause to be ideal when I've been playing a similar version of this deck, though the 5-gold plots seem to be pretty key for this deck regardless.

Old Gods & The New 591

The Lanni/Targ synergies are obvious and powerful, but the resulting deck (as seen here at least) is weaker than the sum of its parts IMHO. Such a preponderance of 5/6/7 gold characters (40% of your dudes) makes you weak on setup, and I don't see enough gold in your plots to reliably play these cards.

Say you don't draw a Roseroad you've got to try and get Tyrion and Jaime down with a selection of 4 gold plots and Targ reducers. It's not impossible but it starts to get difficult and inconsistent. And you'll also fail hard against the more aggressive MIL decks that are becoming fashionable, as it's too hard for you to play 2/3 characters per turn and get soak down around your key dudes.

If you're playing Targ/Lanni in a top heavy way like this there are some tough decisions to make because you really need 3x Lanni Merchant minimum... but you also need all the dragons etc.

Old Gods & The New 591

@alexfrog I've had a stab at rebalancing it a bit - the core is very similar though.

Alexfrog 256

I think the deck should probably have a 2nd noble cause.