Winner of Battle for the Wall 2016 - 151 players

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Dani's Bloodriders 0 0 0 1.0
4 Decks for New Playgroups: Targaryen Militia 4 3 0 1.0
Winner of Regional in Valencia (Spain) - 35 players 38 28 30 3.0

albert 551

I'm doing the report of the tournament right now, I will post here the link to read it.

Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

Any doubt is wellcome!


redben 1

It's very similar to the Targ Fealty deck I've been using with success in my local tournaments. I'm new to AGoT, it's the first deck I've played and I'm concerned about First Snow of Winter's effect on it. Would you still play this deck when First Snow is out?

redben 1

That probably should say 'to a Targ Fealty deck' rather than 'to the Targ Fealty deck'.

albert 551

I'm sure i will be playing this deck for a long time, doing some changes of course. I think that first snow is not so bad against that deck, viserys will discard an attachment and dragons and jorah may be saved with dupes. So imagine two military challenges without weenies to pay the claim, so strong!

GoonieLaw 1

This is only 1 or 2 cards off from a deck I've been running. I love everything about it and it can prove to be very flexible, fast, and extremely deadly.

akenathon80 1

@albertCongrats for the winning! Great deck, i wanted your opinion on( 3xviserys plus confiscation= too much?) and wildfire assault (really usefull in this kind of deck?) Your feeling on the play with waking the Dragon? Thanks

hotpie 1

Congrats on the win! Is the report up yet?

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Congratulations Albert! Will you go to Zaragoza this year? If so, I'll meet you there! :)

albert 551

Thanks everybody.

@akenathon80 Viserys is perfect to discard discard attachments, but also is a perfect weenie to atack in power, it's fealty-playable and it's "free" to play it in setups, to make a party if comes duplicate. A lot of times, gives you the opportunity to play Marched to discard a milk or a seal of hand. With more cards i'm going to have just 2, but at this moment the ratio of effect-cost is very good. Confiscation it's a must plot card in that deck, you only can draw with Dany, so if she is milked you are in several problems. And the renown of Khal Drogo is also very important, so confiscation fits well. Wildfire assault is better than seems, if your opponent has a lot of weenies, you have to play it as an offensive turn. Almost times you are going to be the first player and with two military challenges and a dracarys the match is over. Waking the dragon is perfect to discard attachments with Viserys (also in marshalling) and to return Jorah when he has 2 traits. Also is perfect to play with a dracarys with a kneelt dragon. If you have Khal with duplicate, you can stand it and get two renown on the same challenge phase, when that fase ends, discards the dupe and that's all. Also you can do it on Daenerys to draw more with insight or to win a challenge by surprise with that -1.

@hotpie the report is coming but i have no enough time to do it. I wish it will be done this weekend.

@Manuel Cabezalí Of course i'm going to Zaragoza this year! It will be a pleasure to meet you there.

albert 551

Hello again, i have done the report, you can find it here:

At this moment it's only in spanish but don't worry, I will write it in English and I'll post it here on that moment.

gemofthrones 7

Hi congrats albert! I used to play this kind of deck, but i replace summons with 2 claim plot. Any advice? Also with the arrivals of the new CPs i included syrio for stealth.. TIA..

Emperor Penguin 1

cangrats I took out an unsullied for syrio and am loving the deck what do you thinking of swapping out noble cause for calling the banners as with syrio added all 5+ cost characters are no longer lords/ladies.

albert 551

Hello! @gemofthrones I supose that Filty or Counting it's out againt that seconds summuns. It's true than sometimes neither Dany or Khal are in top 10 cards, but it's not so usual. With a setup of 4 cards, you are able to look up still 4 cards, so 1 may be Dany or Khal, with the plot you can search for the other one. Syrio it's so good on that deck, in fact i had played it for some matches, but i would play also 1 or 2 Put to the sword. So you can easily get the +5 STR difference and also be more offensive changing for a claim 2 plot.

@Emperor Penguin changing Unsullied for Syrio it's not just a difference of a coin. Most of times you can reduce the cost of unsullied with the Illyrio's states and with the loyalist, and get an extra coin to play some events or another chars. Noble cause it's more important than seems on that deck, it allows you to play Dany + Dracarys the same turn, almost on turn 1. Calling the banners it's a good plot , better for medium matches, in turn 3 or 4 in case you can't dominate the board.

Here you can see the video of the final match. On that case Calling the banners would'nt be so effective as Noble cause.

heyjo 1

What to you think about Bodyguard ? It's good against Greyjoy, great set-up and nice for a military claim.

albert 551

@heyjo in my opinion Bodyguard it's not a good card for setups. It only fits well with Viserys. It's not usual to play on setup Dany, Petyr, Khal or Magister Illyrio. It's true that it's a good card to protect more Dany and Khal, if i have to fit two in the deck perhaps I would remove the seal of hand and another one. It's difficult to say which one, because the events and the locations are well, so it has to be a char, and I don't like to reduce the number of chars. For sure a copy of Viserys can go out to put the second Bodyguard or play with 61 cards, as you prefer.

albert 551

Hello again! Here you have the report tournament in english, enjoy


ssmarine 1

I love this decklist. It's very similar to what I play. Yours gave me ideas to tweak mine a little. Thanks for posting!

Akenaton249 2

Yo! Well done for your victory. The think I want to ask about is how effective tears of lys is in this deck cause intrigue is the weakest point of tarqueryan decks.

albert 551

@ssmarine thanks! I like to share the top decks for the community, i think it's good for everybody.

@Akenaton249 on this deck they fit so good. You can attack with a handmaiden and dracarys the defenders and play the tears. Put to the sword could fit better but they are more expensive and difficult to play. Last night, i make cry a Renly and a Randyll with tears. :)

hotpie 1

This is still the best targ deck i have tested. What are your changes since the new cards. I am actually loving aggo!

albert 551

Thanks @hotpie. The deck it's still good to competitive playing, i made top 8 in a tournament of 72 people with the same deck list. Now i'm trying to include Mirri, but I think it doesn't fit so good to my game style.

Hastur 1

Hi, I'm a beginner in GoT, but i think you made a very powerfull deck, and realy fun to play. Thank you!

albert 551

Hello @Hastur, thank you very much for your coment. I think it's yet a solid deck that could win a lot of games, but it's interesting to introduce the new events and Mirri Maaz Dur, they can change a match in a phase!

Fegocito 1

I saw you in live in "el muro", that crown of gold drawn was lucky :D .What are your actual changes to fight all those Lannister with First Snows in todays metagame? Playing mirri now? Thanks

albert 551

Hello@Fegocito, thanks for posting. I'm playing Mirri right now, but I can assure you I don't like it so much. Her best part is that she gets all the hate of my opponent and Dany and Khal are happier like this. I won a regional last week, beating 3 lannisters on the TOP. I'm going to post my new deck in few days and you could see all the changes.