Winner of Regional in Valencia (Spain) - 35 players

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albert 551

Hello again!

As you can see, it's so similar to that one which I could win in Batalla but refreshed to the the current pool.

I'm doing the report of the tournament right now, I will post here the link to read it.

Thanks to everyone that made it possible.

Any doubt is wellcome, please comment!


Veknus 2

Out of curiosity why not the Plaza?

Fegocito 1

What is the reason on running Ranger´s cache? 3 gold for next turn for big creatures instead of pentoshi? Did funeral pyreX3 work well? What is your gaming plan against Lannisters First snows? Congrats on your Regional Win !

ironlix 1

This is more like a general question. I have always wondered at what point you will usually use Summons? Is it always at the first round when you don't get the key characters after mulligan? Or perhaps it is when you need Viserys Targaryen to get rid of an attachment or when you need a dragon to use Dracarys!?

What will be your ideal starting hand?

AegonTargaryen 7

Congratulations on your win! @FegocitoRanger's Cache is a Winter plot and thus provides some protection against Winterfell (together with The Long Winter). The plan against First Snow obviously is to play the many 4+ cost characters (Daeny, Khal Drogo, Illyrio, Mirri, Littlefinger, Syrio, Unsullied and duplicated Dragons. @ironlixI suppose Summons is used when needed. It's a toolbox plot that can get you what you need at certain points. It can get duplicates for Dragons when you suspect First Snow, for example. Or dig for Mirri, Daeny, Khal etc.

muushupork 1

Have you ever considered Famine to activate Viserys?

adam_geek 457

Can Funeral Pyre really make any difference?

Ratatoskr 62

Very impressive to do so well with this deck in the current meta. Congratulations!

albert 551

Hello again! The matchs ups were: Martell fealty - loss Lannister - win Baratheon Kraken - win Baratheon fealty - win Greyjoy Fealty - win I finished the suiss in 4th position. Top 8 - lannister fealty Top 4 - lannister banner baratheon Final - lannister lords of crossing

Manuel Cabezalí 431

Congratulations Albert! I'm really happy that you won. Looking forward to meet you on the next one! :)

ironlix 1

Thanks @albert for your reply.

I am really amazed at your deck and your great results. How do you counter Marched to the Wall in the first round after setup?

Looks like you have only a few reducers to discard if opponent Marched you.

AegonTargaryen 7

@ironlixThere are five 1-cost and countless 2-cost characters for setup. Why should he have a problem with Marched to the Wall ?

ironlix 1

@AegonTargaryen very true. There are 10x 2-cost characters. I guess you just have to modify strategy if Ser Jorah Mormont, Viserion or Viserys Targaryen got Marched.

They actually may work as a bait to get Marched to the Wall out.

albert 551

Hello everybody, i'm going part by part.

First of all, thanks for comment!

@Veknus after a lot of matches, the Plaza was not triggered so frequently. Most of times just kill a weenie that can be killed easily with wildfire. And with First snows on the game, there are not so much weenies to kill.

@ironlix Summons it's a good plot. My deck is Daenerys dependent, so if I don't have it on first turn, I try to search for her. In some match ups, it's interesting to search the key for that particular pairing. For example, Mirri against greyjoy or stark on first turns it's very good, or Magister Yllirio against Baratheon. In fact, it's not usual to see your opponent with marched to the wall on first turn, at least if you only marshall a good character. This deck can do good setups with 4-5 cards, but 3 cards with economy it's not a bad setup. (First snows again!)

@Fegocito ranger's cache is substituting coppers for some reasons. More gold, the option to gain gold or draw, most of times i get gold, and winter plot, against Stark it's a good plot, also minimizes the effect of some plots, like close call or a song of summer. Against first snows, you have to pray for copies and priorize to play as many chars as possible on cost 4 or above.

@muushupork I supose you would say "fallen from favour" 7-7-1, My first option when I decide a plot it's not to give any type of advantage to my opponent, so no, i don't considered it. Respect famine, it's a good plot with claim 2, but it fits better with First snows.

@adam_geek on that tournament I didn't draw any card with funeral pyre. Sometimes I don't get the card, sometimes I don't kill a lord or lady and sometimes I have 5-6 cards on my hand, so at this moment my opinion about that card is between 4-5 over 10.

@Ratatoskr thanks, you are welcome.

@Manuel Cabezalí Thank you very much. It's always a pleasure to meet again with friends.

@AegonTargaryen it seems that you know my deck better than me! Thanks for answering and sharing your opinon!

Ebrey 147

I don't understand running 3x Funeral Pyre in a fealty deck. They both kneel your faction card, and there will be turns when you end up not using fealty because you think you might have a chance to use funeral pyre, but then no lords or ladies die. This is one of the reasons I switched from Fealty to Lion, but if you really want to use Fealty, shouldn't you switch to 1 or 2 Funeral Pyres?

albert 551

Hello @StephenE,

I'm going to try without any pyre, with daenerys it's a good draw, and with the plot + littlefinger it has to be enough.

h0etry 1

What would you play instead of funeral pyre? nightmares maybe to get rid of "winterfell" in an additional turn?!


Why would you include Long Winter when you dont have another Summer card type plot card? Wouldnt that kind of defeat the purpose? You could end up losing a game because of this plot

Ebrey 147

GIMMETHELOOT: The Long Winter always causes you to lose a power, it doesn't matter what other plots are in your deck. However, most of the time it causes your opponent to lose a power too, so it's not a big deal. It's a fantastic plot because of the 2 claim.

albert 551

@h0etry I can't play nightmares, i have also 15 neutral cards. But it would be a great card against any pairing.

@GIMMETHEL00T this plot always makes you to loose a power counter, but usually the opposite also loses one of them. It's a great plot with Khal Drogo on table, and a very good finiser also.

@StephenE you were just right ;)

I accept recomendations to put some cards, i don't know what fits better without pyre.

ikitt 1

I think this is a good option -3 Funeral Pyre -2 Handmaiden +2 Bood Magic Ritual +2 Waking The Dragon +1 Vyseris Targaryen

ikitt 1

Los rituales te salvan los personajes importantes como Daenerys/Mirri/Drogo y salvan gratis a 12 de tus personalidades los 9 dragones y los 3 Braided ademas pueden blanquear un Jorah con dos contadores asi no lo pierdes.

El 3 Vyseris te da mas opciones de setup con Daenerys o Mirri y ademas te quita los rituales, por ejemplo despues de un Put The Sword salvas a Daenerys pagas claim con el y le quitas el ritual...Perfect

Los Waking tambien tienen mucha sinergia son muy buenos para colar un Dracaryst o pegar por segunda vez con la habilidad de Drogo, ademas al subir a la mano tambien te quita leches de amapola y tus propios rituales.

Sobre las tramas no me gusta nada el Rangers Cache... eso de jugarla para el proximo turno mal, tampoco me gusta Trading With The Pentoshi pienso lo mismo no me gusta nada darle ventajas al rival eso si no te comes un Naval... Si lo que necesitas es una trama que te de oro para bajar los costes 6/7 creo que Calling The Banners es la mejor opcion facilmente te da 6/7 de oro con buena iniciativa aunque pierdes una trama de invierno.


albert 551

Hello @ikitt I'm not sure about the handmaiden, they do a good job, also for setups and during the game. They can attack, forcing to kneel a good char of the opponent and after stand dany, which is the best part. I will try with the 3rd Vyseris Targaryen and I haven't played the Blood Magic Ritual. It's so good?

albert 551

@ikittestoy contigo con la trama rangers cache, estoy probando de cambiarla por otra, aunque no ha dado malos resultados.

Translate: I'm trying to change ranger's cache, but it's not as bad as seems.

ikitt 1

Ayer estube probando tu mazo con los cambios que sugeri y gane las 3 partidas no eche en falta las maiden y de trama el calling the banners muy bien me permitio bajar a mirri turno 1 en una partida contra setup de 3 bichos y turno 2 en otra ganando iniciativa. Muy bien el mazo Felicidades!

albert 551

@ikitt me alegro de que obtengas buenos resultados con el mazo! Que tal fuiste de robo? De dónde eres, en que zona juegas?

ikitt 1

buenas de nuevo, por partes el mazo muy bien volvi a jugar 2 partidas y 2 victorias, de robo va bien normalmente como comentabas con daenerys en mesa es suficiente y con el sumon la encuentras casi seguro, soy de san sebastian y solemos acercarnos a los torneos de zaragoza y algunos que se hacen por la zona norte de bilbao o vitoria, al ultimo regional en zaragoza (48 personas) fuimos 4 y un amigo zarius llego a la final con lanister fealty y la perdio contra lanister/martell. salu2

gundamz 20

I've been looking for a good Targ fealty decklist for a while. Thanks for posting this. Muchas gracias!

gundamz 20

Just tried this decklist twice, and it won both times. In neither time did I get a bad hand. Thanks for sharing this list. It has made playing Targaryen a lot more fun for me.

albert 551

@ikittmuy buenas! Pues a ver si algún día subo hasta allí por algún torneo, que tenéis un meta de lujo. Aunque estáis todos invitados a Barcelona que de cuando en cuando montamos algún torneo grande! Me alegro de que el mazo te guste, algún cambio después de algunas partidas más? Gracias por comentar!

Thanks@gundamz, I like to share my decks to improve with the help of the community. It's a pleasure that you can also enjoy the only faction that matters! Would you do a change of the decklist? Any plot, any event? Thanks for posting!

ikitt 1

Buenas de nuevo Albert, este sabado nos acercamos hasta vitoria a un torneo que monto una tienda, 16 participantes, 3 de san sebastian 6 o 7 de zaragoza y el resto de vitoria.

Gane las 3 primeras y perdi la ultima contra un Lanister/Greyjoy, una partida que tenia controlada y por un error a la hora de contar el poder que ganaba, no conte el poder que ganaba Theon y que me costo la partida eso y unas pesadillas al dragon que hace que Daeneryst se enderece tenia el 2 cartas en mano mala suerte y mal judado de mi parte...

Te comento los cambios que lleve respecto a tu mazo lo he ido modificando, meti la 3 Mirri x 1Iliryo y cambie el Meñique por un 2 Syrio queria forzar la combinacion de los dos y a ido muy bien te saltas a Catelyn y puedes entrarle a Lannister.

Las maiden ya te comente que las saque fuera y juego el 3 Viserys al principio probe a llevar 2 rituales y 2 waking de dragon pero estos ultimos han demostrado ser muy buenos y quite un ritual para meter el 3 waking.

Tambien cambie otra trama llevando 3 viserys y 3 waking no me parecia necesario el confiscation asi que lo sustitui por un 2 summon y creo que otro acierto por que puedes usarlo para buscar a viserys para romper añadidos de echo en una de las rondas asi lo hice contra martel/lannister y por ejemplo contra lanister y mazos sin añadidos no te la comes.

Tambien cambie un Tears o lys por un Put to the Sword por el mismo motivo de antes Lannister esta ahora muy fuerte y el tears es complicado que te quite alguien importante en cambio con el khal en mesa y 2 retos militares cole bastante facil el Put to the sword durante todo el torneo, este cambio lo dejaria asi ademas no saben realmente cuantas copias llevas asi que con oro intimidas y modificas su juego.

Otro cambio como comente el Rangers cache por el Calling the Banners y muy bien siempre te permite bajar Mirri o Syrio un must esta trama pruebala lo de llevar invierno con 1 es suficiente para el turno en que quieres entrarle y decantar la partida.

Por si es un poco lio ver los cambios te pongo un resumen: Locations y Attachment los mismos Personajes -2 Maiden-1 Ilirio -1 meñique, +1Mirri +1Siryo +1 Viserys Eventos juge estos; 3 Dracaryst, 3 Waking the Dragon, 2 Fire and Blood, 2 Juicio de la Mano, 1 Tears of Lys, 1Put to the Sword, 1 Ritual de Magia de Sangre (el ritual es como llevar el 3 juicio de la mano pero ya llevamos las 15 que deja el Fealty, lo juge con exito 1 de las dos partidas en las que me salio en la otra no me hizo falta).

Me quede con ganas de meter la location Shadowblack Lane cartonazo muy jugado en lanister pero no consegi hacerle un hueco las 15 del fealty duelen mucho en este mazo XD

Muy agusto con el mazo muy divertido con muchos recursos y sin problemas de robo por cierto, el 2 summon ayuda gracias de nuevo por el DECK

Salu2 Kovacs