Wolves of the North Release Tournament Winner

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Intlfamily 16

I recently built this deck for a small Wolves of the North Release Tournament and was able to go undefeated with it, beating Night's Watch Fealty and Targaryen Lion decks. I was initially concerned with the lack of economy for the high cost characters, but using 4 and 5 gold plots helped out. I was really impressed with the synergy between power grabs/generators in Eddard Stark and Catelyn Stark and the sacrifice/kill effects with most of the remaining Starks. Despite what I felt was a significant number of attachments, Arya's Gift was not utilized at all, as I never saw the need to move attachments. On the contrary, Winter Is Coming was great for the double claim, when needed. Gates of Winterfell allowed me to maintain steady card draw.

Obviously, this deck didn't get a ton of testing, but I was impressed with how it performed. I purposefully stayed away from creating a Direwolf themed deck with this build. I am planning to continue with this deck, but I welcome any suggestions.

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aura 1

I used this deck for a 3 player melee, and it won by 7. Catelyn never came out, but using Ned's ability, his renown, and Rob''s renown helped me stack power quickly. I also never found a use for Arya's Gift, and at one point had all 3 in my hand. Good deck overall though.