The Bark is worse that the Bite - Bara/Wolf

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Winner of Campionat de Catalunya (Barcelona Regional, 77play 57 39 22 1.0
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Zolt 1

This was actually my backup deck for the "Treachery in Qarth" tournament in Kuala Lumpur. My main was a Lanni/Kraken deck, but upon arrival I found out that both my meta mates Martin and Jimmy were also playing Lanni, so out of some stubborn pride I switched to this deck I'd built the day before.

All in all I'm pretty happy with the way it performed even though I could have done a couple of things better.

1st game - Mirror Match(!) against Addy from Malaysia. Very tense game because our decks mirrored themselves down to the cards we drew! He got Rob out, I got Rob out, his Fast Ed, mine a round later. Lightbringer on Rob on both sides. Eventually I was able to make the difference by confiscating his lightbringer and drawing into some kneel tech at the crucial moment.

2nd game - Kelly from Singapore with a Lanni/Dragon deck. Bad matchup for me as he had Tywin out round 1. I was able to keep him knelt for a couple rounds but his board started filling with more and more big characters beyond my ability to control and I was quickly on the ropes. Still managed to collect a fair amount of power from dominance and a few power challenges I could push through, but by the time I got Fast Ed out with 11 power, there was no way I could push through any challenge with all the Lanni big guys out. My only straight loss of the day.

3rd game - Yong from Malaysia ( fealty). Another game that started badly for me. He got Robert, a lot of kneel tech and the whole dominance package early in. I was on the ropes at 0 power to 11 but on the last couple of rounds I started to swing it. I recovered much better from the wildfire, froze his Iron throne, got mine out, got fast ed and Lightbringer out. I managed to go up 6 power during that round, then on the power challenge played Support of the People for my Chamber of the Painted Table, got dominance and up to 8 to his 9! So close!

4th Game: Emil (Singapore I think?) banner Tyene out round 1! I was my first time playing against her and I had a duped Robert and no intrigue on board. Worse: No Mel in sight! First dupe goes round 1, I draw another, round 2 it's gone and still no Mel. But luckily I manage to seize initiative, and the whole game becomes about managing to land a challenge with enough Intimidate to kneel Tyene. I do so for 3 rounds, barely, while his board gets stronger and mine just barely hangs on. (No Ghaston, thankfully!). But Rob has been amassing some Renown and I get Fast Ed out to snatch 15 just before he demolishes my board. I'm 2-2 at this point with 1 mod loss.

5th and last qualifier game against my meta mate Jimmy with his banner Dragon deck. Also a though matchup as he's got Magister Illyrio to counter my kneel, and soon gets Tywin Lannister and Jaime. I manage to still get some Kneel in with Mel but he eventually whittles down my board to just her and Rob, then marches her to the wall and I think that's it for the game. But between Dragonstone Port and Marching Orders I manage an instant rebuild next round and start to take the upper hand. Board is now big on both sides, so between Robert and the gold for Tywin we have a lot of math to do. We run to time, and I think I can seal the deal with a power challenge using everything, unfortunately I miscalculated that, 8 gold tips the balance in favor of Tywin & co and he manages to grab a mod win thanks to a couple renowns and dominance. Unfortunately we've both deprived each other of any chance to make the cut: Top 8 of 22, with a big tie at 15 points and Jimmy is at 14.

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