Martell Fealty Russian Nationals 3rd place (31People)

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Martell Fealty -- Battle of Trident winner in Iowa City, IA 9 6 5 1.0

Сypher 83


  • 1st game - Greyjoy Fealty, win
  • 2nd game - Lanni Dragon, win
  • 3rd game - Stark Fealty, win
  • 4th game - Lanni Winter, loss
  • 5th game - Bara Summer, loss

top 8

  • 1/8 - Bara Wolf, win
  • 1/4 - NW Winter, loss

battle for the third place - Bara Summer (from swiss), win


talism 88

Interested in how you found VB, i think in my builds 1 of seems like enough.

Сypher 83

Blade is awesome, but very expensive to cycle it. That's why I'm playing 1of. In 2 of 3 games against Bara I found it and change game situation.

Lord Hakkera 21

This looks very similar to the deck I'm currently running - the main differences are in the plot deck. Here are a few questions for you, if you don't mind sharing some insight:

  1. Why Doran? Is it for the Insight? I run 2x Cavalry (as opposed to your 1), so I can kind of see how Insight would be better in the long run, but do you really feel confident about his place in the deck?
  2. Varys - did you manage to pull out a lot of value out of this guy or was he mostly just there to threaten wide boards? I notice you're not running First Snow so having Varys seems logical, but is the 3x really worth it?
  3. No Sunspear/Boneway? I struggle to find spots for both, but most of my Martell decks run one of the two in a 2x - is there any specific reason you decided to opt out of it?
  4. After the tournament, what changes do you think you would make to the deck? Were there any cards that under-performed and you would cut or others that did a lot better than you thought and should be bumped up in quantity?

Finally, here's a small tidbit from my personal experience with Venomous Blade - run it as a 2x. Not only does it give you more Fealty targets, but it very rarely doesn't have something to kill. Also, against certain matchups (ex. NW) it can just straight-up win you the game on its own.

Сypher 83

@Lord Hakkera

  1. Doran, after Varys, can bring more profit, than cavalry, because hard games always lasts 10-13 plots. Often cavalry brings only 1 card
  2. We have a lot of Targs and Lanni in our meta, against them claim 2 plot+Varys is more effective, than FSoW. But I lost my 5th game in swiss because I haden't economic locations to put Varys and hadn't FSoW to clear small chars, that provide dominance and cover for Gendry.
  3. Then you play Varys, you wanna maximize frequency of getting chars, I really love Sunspear, but I hadn't slots for it.
  4. First of all - put Long plan, but for now - I doesn't know that I should replace. It will make placing Varys more comfortable. For a while - I'll stop play Martells, I need some new playstyle faction. So plan of making this deck better - wait for more packs published, put some new cards and find place for Long plan.

In first edition of my deck it was 2 of blades, but against Lanni and Targ it's not so effective, as against Bara and NW. It was meta choice.

HidaHayabusa 73

I have completely removed all negative attachments from my version. Also, I don't see why you can't run this as Summer (given a slight modification to the plots, like adding Calm and A song of Summer.

lianastark 2

@HidaHayabusaits obvious! Because he cant play winter plots in that case

HidaHayabusa 73

You mean the Long Winter? I would understand if he was playing First Snow, but I don't think that Long Winter is irreplaceable.

s.the.dornishman 1

1) How did the Stark matchup go? 2) My Martell Fealty build (similar but different) makes me nervous to take to a tourney because of setup issues (similar #s in setup calculator vs. yours). Any tips?

Сypher 83


1) Game with Starks was wery hard, using long winter - I clear board and destroy Robb by tears. Then my top deck says - NO cheap chars for you, only eyes and vengeance. I suffered until 7th plot, destroy by my confiscation Attained on Kate. My opp had Kate, little wolf and Greywind. He didn't use winterfell for his military and gets vengeance. Greywind goes to mil claim, Kate goes to wall, I go to 15 power on controlled table. 2) During tournament I use mulligan once. This is not Lanni Winter deck, you doesn't need awesome setup to win. Main objective - survive until opp will have no board and hand, then start push him until win. My 1/8 game in top had comeback after 0-14 power count. So, main tip is - not be afraid to setup 2 chars, it's ok.

Pietroia 56

Would u find a spot for new spearmaiden or it's a char for another kind of deck?

Сypher 83


I think, that it's char for another deck, but I'll test them. And, maybe, sting will be good in this deck.

gabsnow18 70

This deck is mainly based on the version published for the italiano national.Add it to the credits!

talism 88

Says you. Nothing to say people cant comenup with similar list's. Keep your egonin check