World Champion 1st Place Deck

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Stage 5: Play Tywin. Moscow GNK Winner 5 1 0 1.0
Lions full of Snow 0 0 0 1.0
Eddard loves the Lannisters - 5th Stahleck 2016 (1st at swis 2 0 0 1.0
Thronestoberfest 2018 Lanni Wolf 3 3 0 1.0

jm2215 767

This is the list I used to Win World's. Check out our podcast on Monday for a detailed deck breakdown and tournament report.


darknoj 62

Was this based off the Lannister banner of the wolf that did well at GenCon and Origins?

jm2215 767

Nope I never got access to that list, we built it ground up and were tweaking last few cards til the night before.

Kakita_Shiro 791

Only surprise here is no Ser Edmure Tully x1 and Ser Ilyn Payne x1. But I guess at that point, what do you cut? Looking forward to the analysis.

Euro Bruh 90

Congrats! Terrific list. Didn't even need my granola to win it all :)

jm2215 767

Hahahahhaa thanks dude!

GinTonix 1

Congratulation. Very interesting deck with many card that can put pressure on opponent character. During the tournament which deck that you found it hard to deal with Champ?

Cristian14 1

Congratz. I'm still surprised on no Ilyn Payne, I guess I'll check the podcast for that one!

jm2215 767

Thanks guys! And yeah cutting cards like Ilyn is a huge part of why I won, all will be revealed on the podcast!

BillyDooku 110

Congrats again man. Sweet looking list. The deck didn't change much from the last couple of chapter packs.

darknoj 62

BillyDooku i have to agree its very similiar to other lanni wolf however their was not much change before worlds.

BillyDooku 110

@darknoj The meta did change a lot though and the deck was probably better positionned without Lanni Dragon taking so much space at the top tables... Cough"Canadian Nationals"Cough

Kakita_Shiro 791

@jm2215 For comparison:

jm2215 767

Thanks for link. While it obviously performed you couldn't pay me to play a version like that,

Serazu 1

Gratz man. Now, it's finally time for the DT to do something DRASTIC about that fucking house. Its reign of terror must-come-to-an-end. Whether alongside Dragon, Wolf or Winter, it's those fuckers all over.

--- 788

@Serazu the game just needs more cards in the pool i think

theredviperxxx 19

Im boring with Lanister everywhere fealty, kow, Dragon, wolf.

C'mon fucking ffg its easy, they have 10-12, top cards, and other houses only 5-8, example baratheon only have 5 really good cards, Stark maybe 8, but Lanister have a lot before locr

talism 88

Try tyrell :P

Whiskeyjackza 21

@Serazu``@theredviperxxx The problem is Tyrion Lannister (Core) that enables 2 gold every turn (if not 4) and with that the luxury of PttS, Tears, nasty events, Treachery, HJ, ambush and str boost to Tywin. He is the nr 1 reason they go from very good cards to close to broken faction. You must plan for almost any eventuality against them, while they usually have the luxury if not having to think to far ahead - reason they make good competitive deck, because not particularly difficult to pilot.

I have never played them competitively and I am afraid to say the results from Worlds will just reinforce those in our relatively small metas here in South Africa to play more Lanni (so far we have had pretty diverse fields, but I think that is about to change after worlds).

chochem 9

Well that wasent a problem in the final. Where a golden crown solved Tyrion round 1

Serazu 1

@Whiskeyjackza Yeah, for a number of reasons, Tyrion is toxic for this game. There's simply no reason to make events cost gold, so as to prevent the control abuse endemic in 1.0, just to create this... thing and undermine the very same effort to change things in the new edition. But, there's not only Tyrion. Why did the DT also decide to give Lannister the best cancel in the game? Why did the designers decide to give them the Ambush mechanic too? And I do not believe there's a single soul who doubts that Ambush is, in reality, a Lannister keyword so far, even though a few other houses got a few scraps. And leaving all these aside, why on earth did they decide to introduce First Snow in an environment where it was clear right from the start that the house with the already most powerful cards in the game would take the greatest advantage out of it? I play this game for five years now and never did it cross my mind to ditch it, even during the King's Road cycle nonsense, but I'm seriously considering packing up and going. Such favoritism to a single house at the expense of all others is simply unbearable. I'll just wait till the next FAQ. May it come soon. If the Lannisters in their current state are not DESTROYED by it, I'm done with this game for good. Fuck them.

mattastrophic 722


jm2215 767

New episode of the podcast including deck breakdown and tournament report is now live on

Rick IsLitFam 260

Congrats man! Awesome deck, and enjoy the honor of being the World Champion!

xikitins 53

Congrats for the wining! What happens with: "if you play tywin, play 3 seals and thank me later!" Seriously, whats the reason why you don't play any single seal of the hand when you told it was key?

--- 788

@xikitinslol the original version of this deck had seals. but the game changes

BillyDooku 110

Attachment hate has become a lot more prevalent therefore Seal is riskier.

jm2215 767

The seals were in the original version as keith said, and as loathe as I was to drop it, the game has changed. Investing 3 gold into an attachment against all the 2 claim/double march tempo decks was a big liability. Seal was only overperforming against bara and was very much a "win more" card in almost every other matchup.

Animal 54


xikitins 53

Nice podcast guys! After watching the part of Deck explanation I wonder why you dont put any single Rickon in the deck? it fits almost the same role of bodyguard as a claim soak for one gold but it also improve setups...

zack 126

direct link to the podcast describing this deck is Although, for posterity, a textual description of it here would be nice to have too :)