Eddard loves the Lannisters - 5th Stahleck 2016 (1st at swis

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World Champion 1st Place Deck 71 55 30 1.0
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Leashed Wolves 0 0 0 1.0

Matamagos 119

World's winner list basically. Must say it is very solid. This list went 7-0 in the swiss, winning it. In fact it didn't lose any game until top8. 9 wins and just a single defeat in the tournament. I like Rickon and 7 cost 1 dudes makes the best setup in game even more probable. Took Seal of Hand instead of Bodyguard and they won me a couple of games. With Valar released I recommend to find place to both, Seal and Bodyguard. Ward was not so impressive as expected. Very very situational. Lannisport not worth the effort, I would change it for a second copy of Littlefinger or just forget this drawing slot. Now it is difficult to say if banner of the wolf will benefit us more than banner of the kraken. Bran still protecting us from Dracarys, among others, so I'm more in line to keep the starks and rely on copies and bodyguard for valar.

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