Begging for coppers - 1st @Italian Nationals and 2nd @Worlds

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"Ce l'hai un copperino???" - Top 32 @Italian Nationals 8 3 0 1.0
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Begging for the Finger's coppers 0 0 0 1.0
Targ: LotC - Springfield SC 2017 Winner 17 14 20 1.0

Nimer 2757

This is the deck that Giovanni Fassiolo piloted wisely during Italian Nationals and Worlds. He won the first and lost the final in the second. The deck was born a couple of months before nationals: I had an idea about a Targaryen Kos with 2 summer harvest, counting coppers, blood of the dragon and 3x beggar king and me and Alex Manotti spent a whole weekend testing it and evaluating its potential. We came to a fealty version with the addition of famine (his great idea), which was awesome following blood of the dragon and/or marched to the wall. The overall strategy of the deck is to constantly push towards cards and board advantage through plots and efficient characters. Jorah and dragons grant you a very fast start, and every plot of the deck nets you some advantage over your opponent. Beggar king helps a lot because it enables you to play 3 2 gold plots that have a huge impact on the game. Nightmares is the icing on the cake in my opinion: it helps a lot in the blood of the dragon turn against The Wall and Winterfell, he puts Robert Baratheon and sometimes Tywin under Dracarys, he can stop threats like annoying characters or Ghaston Grey in the turn you need to grab multiple renown to put pressure on the opponent. We involved Presciani Brothers in the testing and tuned the deck a lot: Alex won a tournament in Bologna and Giovanni loved the deck while testing against him in their weekly testing night. He decided to make some changes (which I think that did pay off a lot in the end) and to bring the deck to nationals. Alex unfortunately wasn’t able to make the cut, I placed 12th and lost the top 32 game, Giovanni won the tournament. Here is the link to the version that I and Alex played: Congratz again to our national champion and thanks to him for keeping us asleep until 4 a.m., living the dream of an italian World Champion! ;) Nimer


Markdrive82 124

Bravo to Giovanni, Niccolò & Alex for creating and piloting such an elegant and smart deck

Dydra 1499

Interesting choice of not running Funeral Pyre. All draw ( which usually is low) is based around Danni, Doreah and Countering Coppers?

jm2215 796

Complimenti! Bel gioco! (Congratulations! Good game!) hopefully google translate did that correctly

Nimer 2757

@DydraI don't like funeral pyre at all. I tested it in some previous decks and I hate the fact that somethimes I can't trigger it when I need it. Also, resources are low here and the discount from fealty is crucial. @Markdrive82Thanks mate! @jm2215 Ahahahahahah there isn't a literal translation for "good game" actually... :D

Nimer 2757

@jm2215thinkin about it "bella partita" should be the best translation! ;)

Stormborn 301

Congratulations guys! It's a great achievement. How would you adjust this deck for the Lions meta? Cheers

rudegnappo 5

"Ce l'hai un copperino?" a fantastic name! Why did you change it?

Nimer 2757

@Stormbornthe deck was already tuned for a heavy lannister meta (at nationals the other top 4 decks were lannister). Maybe you could switch blood of the dragon into wildfire and find some place for a couple of hand's judgement. @rudegnappoI had to translate it... :D

Bayushi Sezaru 679

Great deck, piloted by an awesome player!

Lawyer 426

Mancò un Dracarys, ma non l'onore! Proud of Giovanni and this Deck!

Silme 14

Impressive ! Really good idea to go for winter plot without king of winter !

Yet, surprised to see so few rattleshirt who are very important to survive some attachement heavy match ups ! Sure not easy to enter regarding the gold curve and the low gold of the deck yet 2 unsullied + 2 rattheshirt should have been a security !

Happy to see one of them in here (i think there was none in the national). The removal of waking is an interesting move too... Why not keeping SBL X1 and one of them ? you needed slots I suppose ?

Congrats for your impressive performances, not one but twice is clearly not luck and a sign of great piloting as lot of targ were playing a targ aggro mono faction ! Top player for sure ! So sad you didn't won the finals, your tournament would have merited that !

Nimer 2757

@Silme he played this list at nationals as well. The other list is the one that me and Alex Manotti were playing at nationals, which was inspiration for this deck. Everyone has his own preferences and playstyle and Giovanni modified the list in a direction that he liked more. About attachment hate, don't forget about viserys 3x with blood of the dragon, marched to the wall and fire and blood. ;)

Silme 14

Thanks for your answer !

Daigelmir 1

First of all, I'd like to congratulate you all on your performance. Great job :)

I really like the idea of this deck and i have a couple of questions:

1- What's the deck tactics against greyjoy and stealth?

2- any modifications post Lions of the Rock?

Nimer 2757

Hi @Daigelmir! About gj, one version has syrio, the other one waking the dragon, and both help to oppose stealth. Also you have dracarys and nightmares which are great. And gj has a lot of difficulties to handle Mirri. For question number 2 I didn't think about it yet... :D

Tj13 141

I believe u are underestimating the greyjoy's match up by a mile ;)

Nimer 2757

@Tj13 it could be. But this deck was meant to face a meta where GJ decks were like 5% of the field, so maybe it's true that the deck isn't too much focused on facing them... :D

ghosthost 39

@Nimer This deck was amazing to watch. So simple but so smart and effective. I see that only one plot here is 0 initiative--did that impact the games at all? I find with Targ I often want to go first, put pressure on with 2 military challenges, and allow my opponent to come back at me and just stand characters, dracarys, etc. Also I know we saw at least one first snow on twitch--how does this deck usually stand up against it?

Benji 764

Congratulation to all of you ! It's quite a while Nimer that we don't cross each other in OCTGN, but i am glad to see that your creativity continue to be mixed with simplicity and efficacity. This is probably the highest level a player can reached : Knowing what are the most fitting choices for a decklist, and go one step further to find a brillant innovation. Reading your decklist is a pure pleasure, the kind that simply says :" This is the truth, and it has been proven, if you ask for it".

lunaticcalm 43

Just wanted to say that I took this deck to a 14 person store championship, not having played it at all beforehand, and went undefeated. Awesome deck, and I have newfound respect for Beggar King!

Nimer 2757

@ghosthostsorry if I answer now...we added multiple copies of all the unique cheap characters to be able to resist in the first snow turn. Also, if you think that your opponent plays it you can claim a dragon in early game and put it in play with fire and blood in the first turn, to protect your big characters from marched. @Benji thanks a lot mate...I'm playing more live so I'm rarely online. @lunaticcalm I'm really happy about it! Well done

ThronesGirlPT 14

How about against martell? The icon removal, tyene, etc

Nimer 2757

@ThronesGirlPTdragons are no attachments and almost every martell character falls under dracarys and crown. Nightmares also help a lot. I usually just do the int challenge to play around viper eyes and then oppose the challenges he makes. Until I want to close, play nightmares on ghaston and rush for power... ;)

Toma 1

Hello Nimer, hello all players who are playing this amazing deck, how would you improve this deck by adding cards out of the new released expansion sets? For example does it makes sense to add Slaver's Bay Port in your opinion? Or other interesting cards like Plaza of Pride? Thx!