Bara/Fealty - 5/1 SC Winner (14p)

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"Unlimited Power"

Store championship winning deck - Lemont, IL

Deck went 5/1 for the day:

(1) Martell/Rains of Castamere (W)

(2) Martell/Rains of Castamere (W)

(3) Martell/Fealty (W)

(4) Greyjoy/Kings of Winter (L)

(5) Lannister/Rains of Castamere (W)

(6) Greyjoy/Kings of Winter (rematch) (W)

Idea is to focus on the power challenge, and power gain; many Baratheon cards help you push through the challenge (King Stannis, Red Keep, general efficiently costed power icons). Passive power gains with plots and Superior Claim help rush to victory, while Melisandre helps try to get you unopposed power, and control troublesome personalities.

Kingswood was a non-factor, would replace. King Stannis and Edric Storm were a great tag team, keeping certain characters locked out for sometimes multiple turns in a row. Selyse definitely helped against the Martell match ups, avoiding Tears of Lys as well as stopping Doran's Game.


Rookie 8

How did this fare in the Valar Meta?


It does depend on the board state, and when the opponent decided to flip it, when it comes to Valar Morghulis, of course. It was able to recover reasonably well, due to cheaper personalities, and Trading with the Pentoshi. However, was tripped up during the loss against Greyjoy when they followed up with two claim plots and having to play around The Seastone Chair from turn one.

Would have to play against it more to give a better average of success against it.

Miller 1

Devout Freerider....Is this only used to go against Lanni?

SonOfBattles1 239

Singleton Fat Bob? Was he much of a factor?


@Miller- Yes, Devout Freerider was to try and limit Tyrion Lannister (Core) and his gold gains. It also stops The Long Plan.

@SonOfBattles1 - He was a factor, yes, especially in the final match where he essentially controlled the flow of the game after an early Valar. He is a good person to hold back on, and drop mid/late game.

Was debating going to two of, but didn't want to have too many 7 costers that couldn't be purchased, especially if they died early. Also felt that King Stannis would play more of a role, since Bob relies on going first for his Intimidate to be effective.

chriswhite 1

Was Kingswood effective? I've been considering it for my own decks, but it seems like a 0x or a x3, and I've yet to take the plunge.

Miller 1

Thanks for clearing that up :3! BTW have you tried to play against STARK? I find that it might be a bit hard to defeat them in a power challenge when they pull out WINTERFELL CASTLE


@chriswhite - No, Kingswood was a non-factor. They were essentially a flex slot and I decided to take the plunge with them for this event, just to see if they would be. I will probably swap out for the myraid of other in faction options.

@Miller - I have not played against Stark with this yet, admittedly. My local environment is not really playing them at the moment.

Rookie 8

will you be swapping Kingswood out?


Yes, would replace Kingswood. They weren't really a factor, and not something I cared to see late game.

Rookie 8

Yes, would replace Kingswood. They weren't really a factor, and not something I cared to see late game.

What with?


@Rookie - As said before, probably with another in faction option. I saw those as my "flex" slot, and it can really be anything. Painted Table and the Armory for a clock and more draw would be the obvious choices. However, that is more of an emphasis on dominance, which didnt want to be leaned too heavily on.