Thronerunner Episode 9: Stark/Kraken Always Attackin'

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Northern Salt 4 2 0 1.0
Stark/Kraken Rush, Store Championship King of Swiss 12 8 4 2.0
Thronesrunner and Kingsinthenorth inspire Rabs 1 0 0 1.0
Thronesrunner and Kingsinthenorth inspire Rabs 0 0 0 2.0

ThroneRunner 1087

For in-depth deck description, watch here:

This deck is still in the works and undergoing testing for the current Store Championship season. Feel free to send your suggestions, tweak or bash it!


Joe From Cincinnati 1575


You still play this game, bro?

doomnote 154

Loving the power rush boost this combo gives so far. I dropped Bodyguards for Fishing Nets as throwing those on stealth characters or chuds to force an unopposed block with a big character is helpful. And non-terminal is always great.

Also dropped Gates and 1 PttS for x2 Superior Claim. A big Edd/Vic power challenge with claim 2 and Winter is Coming/Superior Claim is like Rise of the Kraken levels of ridiculous.

ThroneRunner 1087

@doomnote I'm loving the drop of Gates and PttS. I think that really speeds up the rush and puts a timer on the opponent.

Usually I tend to find Superior claim difficult to pop off, but it should be solid with this build.

doomnote 154

Yeah Gates just wasn't hitting well enough with the number of non-stark cards.

Agree about Superior Claim but with the stealth and big strength power in this deck it's been pretty easy to win by 5. And doing it on defense with renown is money. Especially with Jeyne available to give Edd another go.

Dropped bodyguards because I decided on wildfire instead of valar and I feel like the spread of useful characters is big enough. Though losing an Edd with a stack of power can really hurt, but hopefully by the time he has a stack, you've already won.


I think wildfire over valar and dropping gates and 1x PttS is definitely the right call. Superior claim as well is an option but that is a lot of win by 5 events. I would argue for 1 fear cuts and 1 superior claim or 2 nightmares or something but that's all personal preference. Its also hard for me not to want to play Luwin with 3x Bran, 3x Robb and almost no draw.

DanSolo 34

Also note, Victarion Greyjoy's Intimidate will help you win challenges by 5 + all the Stealth is the deck. Just plan your challenges accordingly...Luwin can be an interesting add (more testing needed!)

doomnote 154

Made several more changes but just won a Store Championship with it! Only 10 people so fairly small but went 5-1. Superior Claim was MVP by far.

r480 116

Amazing episode, here you have my version inspikred by both pf you guys.

DanSolo 34

@r480Glad you enjoyed buddy!!! Hope it works out for you!!! It's not a revolutionary deck...but it is fun to play!!!

Lancezh 226

Are you still playing ?

ThroneRunner 1087

@Lancezh I haven't played a game in about two months unfortunately

Lancezh 226

@ThroneRunnerI guess you have enough people to play with incase you wanted to play again but let me say this, the game is in an awesome place right now, things have changed quite a bit and there was never a better time to build decks. Fell off the Destiny hypetrain and am back to GoT. If you want i'll gladly bring you up to speed.

Currently busy hammering people with the Coreset xD