Bara stand [Moscow 2017 Store - first place]

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MaxSnow 283


Diplo63 50

I like it

Flashback44 1

Hey ! Great deck, i love the idea !

Can you tell me why you put Valar without save in your deck ?

MaxSnow 283

Ser Barristan is my greatest save) I can keep him kneeling with Stannis ability or Even-Handed in standing phase. In 3 games i used Summons for search duplicate on my key character on board (Robert or Ser Barristan)

asro 40

Needs more Moon Boys. :)

Compare to the list @gabi4008 made top 16 with in Stahleck and his comments there:

gabi4008 410

nice to see that the deck works with valar too!i played nearly the same deck in stahleck and i loved to play this deck.why you do not play three copies of shierak Qiya?did you play against nights watch?congrats on your win!

MaxSnow 283

Thanks.I rarely can use shierak Qiya in games with Bara and NW (the most popular factions in meta), so 2 copies are enough for me. 1 round. Win againt Bara summer 2 round. Win aginst Tyrell summer 3 round. Win against Martell Castamere (in 11th turn, after 1 Varys and 3 Valar) 4 round. Win against NW Fealty (Stannis was MVP in this game, he kept kneeling half of NW guys) 5 round. Win against Bara Crossing (Awesome deck, which always win in 3 turn with plots and dominance) Top 8. Win against Martell Crossing Top 4. Win against NW Fealty Top 2. Win against Bara Crossing (same from 5 round) In this game i milked 2 Fiery Followers to prevent dominance tech

gabi4008 410

thanks for the report!i allways had trubbles against nw.three milks and three craven were a big problem.if cressen died or get milked it was so difficult to play against...that was the reason to play did not have this problem?milks are defintly a good choice.i did not play them because of three moon boys;-)did you play against first snow of winter?i like your summer theme and aggo.i did not play him.but maybe it is a good choice.i played confi instead of summer harvest.

adam_geek 457

I dont think you should keep The Iron Throne, because winning dom is useless to you. This deck has you focused on standing and challenge phase.

MaxSnow 283

The Iron Throne is meta call. It is answer to NW with throne and popular bara dominance deck

zack 126

thanks for sharing! out of curiosity: what's your usual plot storyline with this deck?

Kryzon 44

How relevant is Exterminate for you?

MaxSnow 283

@zackIn most games i started with Summer Harvest, because many players open with Time of Plenty. If i have poor setup I start with Trading with the Pentoshi. Second plot is always Calling the Banners (If i need play my 7 cost bomb) or Calm Over Westeros @KryzonLike player since first edition I think 95 % decks must include Valar. This deck is not exception)

Daigelmir 1

Congrats on your win :) Any adjustments post Tyrion's Chain you may consider?