King Balon Drowns (2nd at Atomic Empire SC, 18 players cut t

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Nogan 252

Also placed first at a small local gamekit tourney.

Thematic attrition style deck utilizing a pair of seldom seen Greyjoy bombs. I built the deck because I wanted to make something different and saw potential with King Balon and Dagmer. Also, wanted to utilize the Drowned God pod. Greyjoy is really strong right now because it resists Valar, spanks Nights Watch decks, features easily splashable location hate, and can go toe-to-toe with Lannister. AND huge setups, which will leave you feeling warmer and fuzzier than a baby kraken in a onesie.

Played in the tournaments before purchasing Tyrion's Chain, so I used 3x Iron Fleet Scout instead of 2x with a Sea Bitch, and Asha over Esgred. Also used 3x Wildling Scouts over 3x Lordsport Shipwrights, but the extra stealth was less useful than extra location control would have been. This is the final list, and I'm pretty happy with it.

Local gamekit tournament was just a little five man affair. I went 3-0 in swiss versus a Lannister Rains, Night's Watch Fealty, and Lannister Fealty.

Store championship, I went 3-1 before the cut, beating out a Lanni Rains, Tyrell Rains, and Greyjoy Wolf. Lost to an experimental Martell Stag banner that I wound up losing to again in the final. Beat a Night's Watch Fealty in the semis.


kidohearts 1236

Well done sir


Did you feel you needed the 2 roseroads? Based on your plots, I think 3x Sea Tower, 3x Kingsroads, and 2 Balon's Solars is plenty of economy for this build

Nogan 252

I like the redundancy. Never drawing into economy feels awful when your deck flounders mid game and you're consistently a gold or two short.

That said, this deck list is probably far from optimized. I imagine you could make an argument for removing the Roseroads in favor of something else. They're definitely the least important pieces of the economy.

Crabshack101 7

Did Valar Morghulis turns hurt you getting first player. Was it worth losing initiative?