The Table, Chair, and Damphair.

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FredInRealLife 241

Welcome to another edition of Janking the Throne. Here you'll find my first attempts to make use of the Drowned Disciple, specifically in a table + chair deck. I'm not at all confident in this deck's ability to win games consistently, but I am confident in its potential to troll your opponent. Not quite as much as the no character decks, but hey.

The idea, as you might have guessed, is to drop your table, pull up your chair, and focus on winning that sweet dominance. The second idea is to kill off your ironborn characters only to pull them back with Aeron Damphair (Core) for fun and profit along with Drowned Disciple. Iron mines are to be used to save the Damphair/Drowned Disciples when you flip Valar. Previous versions of this deck ran 2x Wildfire, but surprisingly, the Ironborn trait isn't as wide as you think; in particular Drowned Disciple doesn't have it, because apparently FFG hates fun (and dangerous combos). Hence the 2x Ghosts of Harrenhal.

I'll tell you a story. It involves Tears of Lys getting used twice on the Damphair and me not having Iron Mines. It involves playing Ghosts of Harrenhal twice in a row.

I did those things and somehow won the game. The end.

Play it and have some fun. And let me know what you think it needs to be less bad.


Jalgot 1

Looks likte fun times.

Wondering about Play Greyjoy banner stag instead since you only use The red keep as the only loyal card, and you get the loyal ironborn that way, have you tried it?


I have been playing this deck for a bit now and I am running it as GJ Stag. The only loyal you get here is red keep and to fully utilize Aeron you want more ironborn I think (Euron/Balon) like Jalgot said. With GJ/Stag I opted for counting coppers in my plot deck and included a copy of Reader and Littlefinger as well to supplement some draw.

FredInRealLife 241

Yeah, Red Keep was there for the draw. I decided not to run Euron/Balon for economy reasons.

Zolt 1

With Greyjoy banner Stag he'd have to include at least 12 Baratheon cards, so he'd actually end up with fewer Ironborns.

James Harrison 104

So I think False banners are great- but i think the way to runt them super efficiently is to run in house reducer locations instead of kings-roads (or roes-roads if you prefer)

~So 3x Ocean Road, 3x Sea Tower and 3x The Roseroad/The Kingsroad. Try it out, you end up feeling super rich.

Patrick 1

Just found this deck and love the focus of it. Thinking I'd swap Fickle Bannerman for Edric Storm maybe? And throw in a Building Orders to find your table and chair for... something? Just not sure what would lose out. But I can see this battling valiantly against the NW-Summer Builders deck.