Jojen Reed:the return of the king

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Valar 106

How to play?

Jojen Reed is the key card of entire deck

The whole loop is jojen with Sworn to the Watch ,use The New Gift to kneel jojen gain one gold,kneel Satin to gain another gold,react it to stand jojen,end with Magister Illyrio ,to use two gold to stand jojen react it to draw or discard cards,finally damege your opponent'deck.Of course you can use the new gift to draw cards during some specific phases.

And we can use Plaza of Pride 3、and more stand cards to use jojen more times,use Messenger Raven 3、the new gift 3、Eastwatch-by-the-Sea 2、Castle Black Mason 3、The Dragon's Tail 3、Summons *2,and more cards to draw or find key cards.

White Tree、new gift、reduce cost steward *6、and use Old Forest Hunter to discard explosive hands gain more money.

At last we use For the Watch!The Haunted Forest、and more cards to hold not to lose the game.

Finally,I never play this enjoy yourself!


r480 146

Wow, nice idea :D

adam_geek 452

Finally,I never play this enjoy yourself!

uBaH 89

Jojen Reed Back to his former self. NPE experience.