Rhaenys' House- 6-0, 75%+ wins in testing

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Zaramis 247

I recently played this deck in a Swedish tournament to 6-0 and championship win, and it has performed extremely well in testing. This deck is played close to a control archetype, combined with some aggro elements. It was inspired by a deck ran by Benji on the Iron Throne, and then modified and worked on by me. (And, as I have learned, should be credited to @Nimer before that)

It builds on your opponent's dead characters. It wants to empty their hand and keep them topdecking. It wants to slow things down. It is absolutely essential to get as many characters into their deadpile as possible. The key cards for the deck are:

Heads on Spikes - x2. You need characters in their dead pile. You want to empty their hand. Heads on Spikes does both. The power gain is less important. Also use the second one if you suspect a Ghosts of Harrenhal or something like it.

Slaver's Bay Port - x3. Absolutely crucial for the deck. It runs no kingsroads, only economy that stays on in the long run. Fealty helps you get this out, and once they have 4 dead characters, it is glorious.

House of the Undying - x3 The finisher. The reason why the deck wins. Play it to recover your board position or more likely, play it to finish off the game. Absolutely brutal with 2 claim and Drogo on the board. It can even win by just opposing everything and then getting renown on their dead characters and win before the round is over. Remember, you can even trigger their "Comes into play" effects or character reactions.

Crone of Vaes Dothrak - x3. More characters into their dead pile. More intrigue icons.

Battle of the Blackwater - Make sure characters die. Play this when you think they will valar, or if you want to prepare for your own Valar. Use it if they overcommit with dupes, or if they have few cards on hand left. Also, keep some dupes in hand. If they valar because they think you're weak, you play this plot and punish them equally. If they don't, they lose all their dupes and you play yours afterwards.

Waking the Dragon - Make sure to save your important character. Pressure them militarily. Use it to block that rush power grab. Stall with it, use it for Dracarys. Bouncing something doesn't matter when you don't have to battle for the board as much.

Bodyguard - A card that turned out very important. Hold onto it, and use it to protect Khal Drogo and Daenerys when you do play them. They ensure that you can play the Blackwater plot more aggressively, and possibly survive with one or two of them even at a forced Valar from the opponent. They also help vs very aggressive decks.

Other important elements:

  • High initiative. You must be able to go first with the House, to prevent it from being nightmared.
  • The Hand's Judgment - Protect your House from Treachery, Nightmares (If you aren't first player), as well as stop opponent's rushes before you can shut them down.
  • High strength vs cost ratio. You want to create a threatening board early on, to force the opponent to valar. You don't want a vulnerable Dany or Drogo out there, not without bodyguards. But, you want to look threatening. That's why there are so many 1x in the deck. Play them, make it look important. Make the opponent kill some of their own and some of yours. Then valar yourself to clean up. You also need to be able to defend the rush for less gold, which this is useful for.
  • Don't hesitate to use Dracarys. Get more characters into the deadpile! You just need to slow them down. It's not crucial for your gameplan.

You might ask how it can survive economically, or how I can run such an aggressive plotline. The answer? Dead characters is the answer. Slaver's Bay Port is amazing. Mulligan hard for economy, setup doesn't matter apart from that.

I don't need to win the battle of the board. I can kill any of my own characters, it doesn't matter that much. I just want to slow things down, kill characters and then play The Long Winter after House of the Undying is in my hand. March them when needed. Counting coppers to refill your hand once your economy is on the board and you're ready to turn the game.

The reason I'm not running Plaza of Punishment is that location control has been abundant in our meta. It can be slotted if, if that's not the case in your own.


Nimer 2598

Wow @Benji this list has made a long journey...from Italy to France to Sweden... ;). Btw @Zaramis I really don't like the addition of bodyguard...bodyguard is for pussies! :D Congtratz for the result, I'm happy to read that you understood the idea beyond the deck so deeply, and that you didn't change any of the plots.

Benji 758

@Zaramis : Congratulations for your win ! We had excellent discussions around your decklist nd you really understood the scheme behind the deck :)

@Nimer : Credits should go to you at first, you launched me on the idea, then it has spread on Throneteki testing ! Once again, you combine pertinence and creativity ;)

To be fair with another Targaryen player who test it on Throneteki, Reyns also ends up with the Heads *2 idea, but in a different manner :) A close list ends up Top Targaryen at Hand's Tournament in Paris. It was even a double Top Targaryen, since the brothers Melihem & Meilfram were the first and second targaryen player of the tournament !

Zaramis 247

Bodyguards are the best addition I've done. They ensure I can survive the round where I play the dupe-plot, while opponents are often reduced to nothing - especially if Viserys strips their bodyguard before that.

I tested it alot and it was a great deal more stable with the bodyguards than without. ;)

And credit to those behind it, then!

Nimer 2598

Ahahahaha mine was obviously a joke, I don't like the card at all and I try not to play it...but I can see how it fits in the deck. I tend to focus more towards offence then defence so I prefer to play nightmares for example.

Zaramis 247

I understood that it was a joke ^^ Still wanted to defend the choice, since it worked out so very well.

Nimer 2598

As you said in the description, is more important that their characters die then yours are saved. I usually bait them not duping my characters if I am the second player and the they have some copies. I then flip blackwater and both if they reveal valar or not I get what I want, since if they do they all die, if they dont I can dupe mine and then flip my own valar... ;)

Zaramis 247

I often waited with playing Dany until after the first round of Valar, and then put a bodyguard on her just to prevent their own from taking her with them. That, or lure them to Valar with only having bodyguard on one of mine and no dupes.

They valar, leaving me with only one important character - and them with none, or one, and then I play the other and dupe them up.

I found that the earlier variant left me too vulnerable if they got their bodyguards out or if they simply applied too much pressure.

Stormborn 301

Thanks for sharing. Plot line looks interesting - very insightful.

What changes would you make with the release of WotW and CP2 (Annals of Castle Black perhaps).

Zaramis 247

The plotline is thanks to Benji and Nimer, as are the original insights.

My main additions are the bodyguards as well as a purer focus on intrigue.

As for the plotline, it needs to be very destructive and very active. Allowing someone to repeatedly play their saves from the discard, for example, would be disastrous. Or nightmares, for that matter and many other events. I've tried replacing parts of it back and forth, but none of the new plots really draw my interesting.

I don't think this deck requires many cards at all from the Watchers box. It was tested in a Watchers meta, since it was tested online at theironthrone.net - so it handles the many decks it provides very well.

Zaramis 247

(I forgot, but Waking the dragon was also a priority thing that I added to the decks that I was inspired by. :) )

Mario57 126

Congrats for the result, nice list! What about Tarred Heads?

Nimer 2598

@Zaramis I do play waking in the original list...you shouldn't have trusted @Benjiand his changes... lol! @Mario57 I tried tarred heads some months ago in the very first build but I felt like it is too weak compared to all the available events.

Zaramis 247

@Mario57 I generally don't run events that don't help me accomplish anything on their own. Also, since I prioritize military challenges and intrigue challenges, having a card that does nothing to win a challenge on it's own, and that is dependent on a power challenge is just too unreliable.

linkingverbs 191

Dirty. Love it.

gabsnow18 70

@Nimer decks approved. He is the best builder maybe in the world right now. But he is a terrible person :)

Mario57 126

Nimer <3

Hyonam 1

stop going with 61 cards! this practice is driving me crazy literally pick any card and chuck it out the deck down to 60 and your deck is better then it was.

Zaramis 247

61 cards for life! Also, remove one card depending on the matchup. Remove Illyrio in a Bara-free meta. He was the last second addition and one I would remove first.

Novosignum 7

Deck needs at least 1 nightmares i've had multiple games against different greyjoys and had them seabitch my HOTU every time. think i'll drop 1 bodyguard for a nightmares.

Zaramis 247

I faced two different Greyjoys in my tournament games and many in practice. I just don't play the House if I don't have the initiative - especially not if they have Sea Bitch out. You just leave it on hand.

You should have the initiative at some point, even vs Greyjoy with our plotline.

Novosignum 7

Fair call i probably could wait to place it down next turn but i think a single nightmares is still in order it can prevent so much and (i'm paraphrasing here) you don't run events that can't win challenges on there own. This can do just that. In saying all that though, I still won those games but they were pushed to a point where it might have gone the other way. Not at all saying, it's not a solid deck. It's absolutely amazing :)

Zaramis 247

I will not dispute that Nightmares is amazing ;) It is. I just haven't seen a need for it in this particular deck. And true, HJ is not a challenge winning thing, but it doesn't require that I win a challenge without it either. It's part of the control package (And obviously completely necessary, in my opinion.)

And well, if you won them anyway, and considering that Greyjoy is by far the worst matchup for this deck, then I think we're good. And glad to hear that you've had good experiences with it!

miksalvarez 1

Hey! Fantastic deck, thank you for sharing it! I've run this with a couple of tweaks and results have been great. Slaver's Bay Ports are just savage when you get all three out. Just a quick rules-regarded question about The House of the Undying: I faced a Stark deck and ended up burning Last Heart Scouts (sorry that I can't make those cool links to the actual card). Does the Forced Reaction (After a character enters play during the challenges phase, kneel that character) of the card trigger when you use The House of the Undying :) ? It was kinda relevant at the time as the Starks were accumulating in the dead pile but neither of us players knew how this interaction would work, so we ended up deciding it doesn't trigger. Thanks!

Stormborn 301

It does trigger lol. Everyone who enters play is knelt.

Zaramis 247

Yes. First all characters enters play, then reactions to enters play. So, the dead Last Hearth Scouts would indeed ruin the entire interaction ^^

It's the same as Melisandre triggering on herself entering play.

Zaramis 247

(If the meta would shift so Stark would suddenly have a wider chance in the tournament scenes, the deck might be worse off. Luckily, I don't think that will happen.. ^^ At least not sometime soon. )

miksalvarez 1

Hehe thanks for the answer guys, I feel bad for my opponent now ^^' and for the future I won't Dracarys that character myself if I plan to use the House :D

Zaramis 247

Well, your only hope is to discard it with Marched, or it will end up in the Dead pile - or be in play ;)

miksalvarez 1

True, damn that card! Though in play I can at least use Nightmares (I rarely play a deck anymore without Nightmares x3) to salvage the situation :D

cowiee85 126

amazing deck >< i'm running a varient for a tournament this weekend. thanks for this great idea guys!!

FredInRealLife 241

I was wondering why I was running into so many 2x Spikes on throneteki :-P

Zaramis 247

Yeah, I have encountered the deck a great many times since I posted it ^^ Including seeing others play it in mirror match. This or very close variants to it.

Isian.H 699

You don't seem to have any econ plots. A lot of your plots are 4 gold, what do you do when you dont see any econ or you're choked by a winter deck. taking 1 to 3 gold away on 4 gold plot is a lot.

Zaramis 247

If I see a winter deck, or in general, if I don't see economy at all in my opening hand I always mulligan unless I have some kind of perfect setup.

If not, I open counting coppers to ensure I find some. Fealty helps. Get some dragons into the dead pile to bring them in cheap, draw lots of cards to find econ.

Vancluysenflor 9

Nice deck. I just have one question. Why ghiscari elite? I don't really see a way to shuffle your deck.

Zaramis 247

Simply because with the packs released at the time I played this, it was one of the few cost-to-strength efficient characters with power-intrigue.

I wanted someone that survived dracarys vs others and could defeat all the 4-strength characters out there, and that was at least on par with it's cost.

Zaramis 247

I entirely agree that I would much rather have something else there that did the same job, and also contributed to the rest of the deck, but haven't been able to find something that could both be reduced by Illyrios, had intrigue with high strength and that was better at other things :)