Crouching Plaza, Standing Dragon

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SonOfBattles1 239

Some background here. I usually play Baratheon. A lot. This led to three things.

  1. I am well versed in the stupidly broken mechanic known as KNEEL
  2. My sparring partner won't joust me because he now hates everything Baratheon
  3. [STANNIS!!!!](/card/04067)

It was at this time of my GOT LCG life that Red Bull Square was released. And I was inspired. Perhaps there was something as satisfying as KNEEL that was still interesting to play against... STAND

So I dusted off all of the Targ cards languishing in a half-assed Summer deck I built 9 months ago and started anew.

WHY do we STAND?

Let's see, where to start

  • It enables you to take advantage of [The Lord of the Crossing](/card/02060) agenda
  • It enables you to wipe a board with a standing [Khal Drogo](/card/01162) (this works even better on a [The Winds of Winter](/card/01025) turn!)
  • It enables you to stand Dragons to proc [Dracarys!](/card/01176) on demand
  • It enables you to always have [Daenerys'](/card/01160) passive working (fun tip is to stand her mid challenge)
  • It gives you flexibility in defending challenges
  • It hard counters R'hollor shenanigans
  • STAND is 57% of STANNIS

HOW do we STAND?

Best Freaking location for Targ. Note that you can stand any character with it. There is probably a ton of a silly banner combos that can go with this too, but I digress. The main lesson to be learned is the hierarchy of standing, ie who we want to stand with what (the card we are pitching to trigger plaza) in this deck.

  1. [Daenerys Targaryen](/card/01160) - Pitch [Unsullied](/card/01171), [Jhogo](/card/02113), 5 costers. Having Dany standing buffs all of your characters and puts most heavies within the range of [Dracarys!](/card/01176). Also has two great challenge icons.
  2. [Khal Drogo](/card/01162) - Pitch Dragon Duplicates. Clearing your opponents board with two Drogo military challenges is ridiculous. Also has super rush potential.
  3. Dragons - Pitch copies of [Beggar King](/card/04034), [Plaza of Pride](/card/07036) (if you're not against [We Do Not Sow](/card/01083) or something similar), excess limited locations. Standing your dragons allows you to fire [Dracarys!](/card/01176) more frequently.
  4. Anyone else that can push your third challenge through for [The Lord of the Crossing](/card/02060) power. I'll do this a lot even with the [Targaryen Loyalist](/card/01170)

Waking the Dragon Use when you're in a pinch on heavy characters... the most common example is when Khal Drogo has tears of lys (or if you're finishing a game on that turn). But usually use on cheap characters to push through the third challenge, do the recursive Viserys Targaryen (Core) combo, or fire multiple Dracarys! in one round with one dragon.

Magister Illyrio Once your economy is up and running or if it's a Trading with the Pentoshi turn (well he is from Pentos after all), Illyrio is a Hero. If you get to the point where he's out and you have enough gold to get his extra stand, you're going to win very quickly.


Overall, this is a very fast deck. Targ has lots of cards that are easy to get on the board with a good icon spread to boot. Plan A: Go first, military claim/burn their board, get your bonus power with LoTC, win. Fortunately, Standing also gives this deck a lot of flexibility,so if Plan A isn't working, standing enables you to defend important challenges, contest dominance, and fight from behind. It's a blast to play, fun to play against, and I'll probably roll with it in Regionals. Feedback is always appreciated!


akenathon80 1

really nice deck just few question: how do you afford valar? i really like honor guard in this deck, add +1 copy? what about ghiscari? add 1 copy of Pyat to search event more with crossing bonus? i have some doubt about the events in 1x but i would like a 2x of put to the sword but i really like the solid base of the deck good job :-)

SonOfBattles1 239

Thanks! I'll consider the copy of Pyat. Ghiscari is amazing with Plaza of Pride. The time I had them out I got to bottom deck 2 of my Dracarys! in one round. As for Valar I've found that duplicates and the stickiness of my dragons with Fire and Blood usually is enough to get me through.

zack 108

nice idea! if you think you can afford adding 1-2 more summer plots, Aggo would be a very nice option for this deck