Bara Rains Big Money Dom

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scantrell24 2603

Second draft. I love this deck.


scantrell24 2603

If there's one thing the plot deck is missing, it's A Clash of Kings. I might end up dropping the Confiscation and just make room for another Cressen and/or Rattleshirt's Raiders.

whiteharbourpolemate 1

Interesting deck indeed. What is your rationale to cut the wilding bandits from previous version? How consistent do you find your setups with such a high nb of 7 costers?

scantrell24 2603

Wildling Scout fits better because of synergy with Marya, and when Stannis locks the board I'm not worried about winning military challenges.

The setups aren't great but they're workable. If I can get a limited location and Iron Throne + 4 gold character + 2 gold character then that's ideal.

Kain8 39

Is Littlefinger's Meddling worth a slot when you can only use it if you have an EHJ? I think Forgotten Plans could serve you well in its place.

whiteharbourpolemate 1

Would you prefer sometimes to be first player to make the most of the rains agenda?

cockbongo 1

I've just realised you have no The Red Keep. I'd be terrified to play Bara wthout it!

Kakita_Shiro 1

Littlefinger's Meddling is probably better if you're playing Ours is the Fury.

Freelancesnails 32

With all the kneel tech, why no A Game of Thrones in the schemes?

zack 72

I'm also surprised by the lack of The Red Keep, do you feel like you have enough draw in the deck?