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Reim 793

After my friend (Gabi...5th place with NW-LoC) has already posted his deck, I can not wait any longer ;)

This is the deck I played in Birmingham and won the european Championship. Also played in Prague, where I finished on third place (only beaten twice by the winner of the tournament Ben Fox).

Thanks to a friend from Graz (Markus Nussbaumer) who shows me how powerful and fast could be the Agenda LoC...he beat me at two small tournaments in the final and so I had the feeling to change from Fealty to LoC.

My deck was also inspired by decks I played against on the Iron Throne (piloted by Nimer, Benji and Zaramis...they had the idea of a control deck with the house of the undying and so they close the game rather in round 5 or 6 with the house (Targ/Fealty). Thanks to them, that they showed me what the house can do ;)....I love this house but in my deck it is only plan b. I often finish in round 3 after I played two times heads on Spikes (I know that this plot is a lottery but it is also good to discard an economy or a nice Event) and Winter Festival (I put this plot in my deck after Prague and changed it against the Long winter....I like this plot, but Winter Festival makes me faster and it is also a plot to open the game to bring Khal Drogo (Key Charakter in this deck....the 4th challange is amazing for Lord of the crossing....but I think everyone knows;)) easier on board than with heads and no fear of naval superiority.

Nothing new, but in a long game if I have no Cards left counting is refreshing my hand and also a good possibility to get the House ;)

Trading is plan C and in really rare situations my opening plot when I can play danny and khal and one of them with a dupe or Danny and rhaegal. In most games it did not come to this plot.

I think no one needs an explanation for the other two plots or why I have them in my deck ;)

I think most of my cards are self explaining.

Key Cards are: Kahl Drogo...with him on the board, everything is easier....the 4th challange is powerful in a LoC Deck and I can mostly choose with which challange I win the 3rd. Plaza of pride...just fear of fear to draw a dead Charakter...just drop a dead Danny to stand the Khal...drop a roseroad to stand a Dragon and play dracarys....and so on. Important Cards: Danny -> everyone knows what she is is not necessary to see her to win games, but she was responsible that I won against my friend Gabi in quarterfinal and also in the final against Lanni/Rains. Ser Jorah -> best Targaryen post valar Charakter Jhogo -> really nice at round 3 or 4 and with Plaza of pride mostly unstopable in two challanges all Dragons -> nothing more to say Unsullied -> I did not like this card very much before Birmingham...I néver had them in my decks and in most games before Birmingham I did not see them often and mostly they were the dropcard for Plaza. But they won me the 6th round in Birmingham, when they made a power challange and my opponent has to defend with duped Danny....burned quaithe of the shadow -> nice against Lanni/rains with first snow in turn 1 and only Khal or Danny on board.

short tournament Report: played 3 times against stark (round 1, 4 and 8) -> I was surprised that I have no problems with them...surprised because I don`t practised often against stark before Birmingham. 3 times against Targ/Fealty (round 5,6,7) -> 1 loss, two wins....Loss against matthew slade -> he had the Control Version and I was not fast enough. Both wins were close but I had the control 3 Times against Lanni/Rains (thanks to Saman Nowrouzi that you always practised against me with Lanni/Rains) -> Top 16 -> this game was incredible close and on turn two I thought it is over...Tywin duped, Harrenhal and so on...everything a Lanni-Player wants to see...So I had to defend everything I can and thank God a Milk for Tywin...after plot 6 he had 12 Power and on my side 3 or 4 power (I dont no exactly if this is the truth but It feels like that;) ) Plot 7 changed everything...his valar against my Marched...Tywin to the wall, 2 power less...I closed the game in the next two plots and I was Top 8...the mat was safe for me.

Quartefinal against Gabriel Ranner (NW-LoC) -> We played very often against each other and therefore we knew each other decks very no surprisings for both sides...I had an incredible start with Danny on board after round 1 and I think there were also two Dragons (renown for danny)...Also both of my heads hit and after Plot two I need only 4 Power to finish the game...I played Winter Festival and Gabi knew that this will be to much....he told me afterwards that this was the first time he would like to have valar in his plotdeck;) -> congratulation Gabi to the 5th place -> like I said at your are a genius and innovative deckbuilder.

Gratulation Robert Charvat to the 7th place...he is the hero of the tournament...his Opponent in the quartefinal made a timing mistake and nevertheless he let him go to the semifinal...incredible.

Semifinal -> rematch and revange against Jakob Bentsen (NW-Fealty, beat me in round 3) -> was a close game...he had not the cards he wants to see and me too...his wall came too late....I won 13:11 after time run out

Final -> against Daniel Williams -> I had everything I need...Danny duped in setup....2 times heads, third round winter Festival and I had 15 Power.

Thanks to all guys in Vienna and Graz, who have played with me in the past and helped me to improve my skills for this amazing game...THE ONLY ONE THAT MATTERS


Orion727 100

The best guy won. Absolutely great showing. Congratulations and now play another deck that we can win some games casually at least.

gabi4008 410

king Reini,first of his name! this is the deck to beat!so fast.i played a lot against it,and i am not sure what to do against. congratulations again reini!

PrinceGus 1

Hail to the king - a true targaryen loyalist.

Now that everybody nows what you been playing.. it won't change a damn thing ;). This deck is a beast, a very consistent one with a fantastic pilot. Big grats to the one and only Reini!

iaan 17

Great job, great deck! ^^

RoflRoy 22


Benji 758

Congratulations Reim !
I was very impressed in Throneteki about your ability of working on the long-run to improve your deck. At the end, i agreed with you that LotC is better than Fealty, simply because the addtitional powergrab allows you to cope with rush decks and counter the control ones. This powergrab does not really exist outside of Khal and Dany + Drogon otherwise. Winter Festival is a good idea, The Long Winter -1 power can be annoying and is mainly a "win more"/post-valar+House plot. Winter Festival has more gold and also allows powergrab, nice idea !

I am surprised to see the removal of Mirri while she synerge well with the agenda. Too expensive ? Congrats again !

jjkuif 1

Congratulations on your win Reim!

What would you change in your deck now that Fall of Astapor is released?

Reim 793

Hi Benji and thank you....yes I love Mirri too ;)...but she is too expensive for me and she slows me down. And I had the experience in nearly all games that on both sides enough charackters die...usually both play with Valar and Khal and Dracarys did the rest. At the end I played her one time and I did not see her...I decided to contain Unsullied instead and I was satisfied with them. Soemtimes only to stand Danny or Khal.

Reim 793

Hallo jjkuif and thank you....thats a really good question???....Maybe Grey worm one or two times....he is amazing....but he fits better in a Targ/Rains deck I think. Astapor fits also better in a Astapor would be no Option in this deck.

Dydra 1483

Great deck, the curve is really smooth and setups well. Considering that you are going for Rush and finish games on 3rd or 4th round.... has House of the Undying pulled in any weight? I mean, it costs a lot and you need to have a full/decent pile from the opponent which doesn't really mix well in my mind with a deck that's aiming to win fast.

Kingnothing 1

So one more time, congratulations to the title Reini! Thumbs up for the long distance wich you gone over months with Targaryian. So now all your work and time investment will be honored!

Hail to the mother of dragons. Now she is finally arrived on Europe's iron throne :) and in Austria!!! :-)))

Reim 793

Thanks, Dydra and King Nothing....Dydra, yes it is plan A to finish in Round 3 or 4...but often it does not run in this way and so on plot 5 a House is very nice....sometimes It is enough if there are only 3 or 4 weak Charakters in the dead pile, only to initiate the important 3rd challange....try it....with only 1 slavers bay port you can play the house without problems usually in the 3rd or 4th Round

Stormborn 301

Congratulations @Reim. Great to see Targaryen do so well and with a non-standard deck! It was a pleasure to play (and beat) you at Euros.

MiSiO 278

Congratulations. Rush is still strong. Very popular but not always in Targ.


Congrats! In terms of the deck play style, do you just try to play out cheap guys and then valar, and then afterwards play Drogo/Dany, or do you play them early to put pressure on? Did anyone play first snow of winter, and how does the deck do against it?

supercuts 152

Congrats champ, that is an awesome win and a cool deck. Look forward to seeing you at the World Championship in the fall!


Reim 793

Thanks for the congratulations...normally try to geht a Setup with all Icons to be sure that I can make all challanges in first round...therefore small Charakters are prefered....sometimes Khal with Braided Warrior (or Viserion or Ser Jorah) and a Location is valar it is nice to have Ser Jorah in hand...when it is possible than bring Khal to board first round to make Charakters usually are not that important as for the if Khal dies it is no Problem....and I always try to play that I do not need to play Valar.....maybe that helps a little bit

See us in america Seth ;) Thank you Stormborn (Matthew) and gratulation to your result....I had more power at the beginning (not fast enough;) but you always had the control in our game