Winner (7-0) of Leiden Regionals

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DaKilla 119

Hereby the deck I build to take to the Leiden (the Netherlands) regional. I'm a Targ loyalist so it was nice to have my spot in the sun with the recent additions.

The deck plays pretty slow. Almost every game it looks like I'm off to a very bad start but that is just the way the deck works. I was unsure which plot to take as a 7th spot but Richard Walker pointed me on a second Counting Coppers. This brought me to 4x 2 gold plots, but it works out great.

I'm really bad at remembering all my games so here's a summary:

Round 1 vs Egbert Targ Fealty: Egbert was ahead at the start but that is just how my deck plays. He played fairly aggressive so I could punish that later on in the game. He made 2 mistake which cost him his board. I put Crown of gold on his Khal Drogo that also had a bodyguard and instead of killing him off for claim during my 2 military challenges he decided to kill 2 different characters. Next turn came Blood of the Dragon so the Khal went down instantly. I was also able to burn his Daeny afterwards during the Blood of the Dragon turn with Plaza of Punishment + a Dragon is no Slave. 1-0

Round 2 vs Jamie Bamfield (Bambi) Night Watch Crossing: Jamie brought a fun NW wildlings deck because he already won another regionals. He started of strong but I could burn through his Jon Snow pretty quickly. Don't remember much more about this game, always to nervous when playing Bambi. 2-0

Round 3 vs Thijs Meeuwsen Tyrel Lion: Thijs opened up strong. Luckily I could burn his Margaery. I suspected him to play Ghost of Harrenhall so I played Blood of the Dragon killing a reducer that died, came back and died again. So no more tinder Margaery. After that it was a bit easier for me. In my Blood of the Dragon turn he made a few mistakes which allowed me to take the win. Thijs is a great guy, always a blast playing him.

Round 4 vs Franke Roders Targ Fealty: This was a very close match. Franke is an amazing player but luckily for me not quite as experienced with Targ as me. He still played great though. He opened Varys Riddle vs my counting coppers so he had a great start. After 2 turns we both had a 4 gold Astapor so challenges were sparse. His deck played more high curve with Great Hall and even Varys. Game was exciting till the end but I managed to get the win. 4-0 King of Swiss :)

Quarter finals vs Chris Meeuwsen Stark Fealty: The other halve of the Meeuwsen brothers and a Stark loyalist. We both started strong. He had Winterfell but I had a 4 gold Astapor. The game was very exciting and nail biting for me because he was playing very well and I was kinda worried about the curse of King of Swiss. He saw Ice 3 times and had a pretty aggressive deck with loads of claim and fun tricks. He didn't see his Frozen Solid though which was good for me. Managed to win out in the end.

Semi finals vs Sebastiaan Knetch Greyjoy Crossing: This was a deck I was afraid of. Greyjoy has great location control and Crossing can be too quick for my deck. His setup was duped Victarion + Lordsport Shipright. I don't really remember my setup. I did play Blood of the Dragon on turn 1 and turned Victarion into a very dead king. I had Viserys in hand to play if he did have a Risen from the Sea, but he wasn't needed. This left him with no board before his marshalling. He couldn't really recover and had some bad luck.

Finals vs Franke again: Frankes setup was Khal Drogo + Viserys. Mine was both plazas + Slavers Bay Port. I opened with Valar Morghulis and the rest of the game was really one sided. Franke couldn't recover and my double Counting coppers gave me everything I needed. I closed the game with still 3 dracarys in hand. Not a very exciting finals but it was very nice to win my first regional after getting to semi finals or finals in all but one of my other tournaments.

Thanks for the great organization and fun times and to the amazingly friendly Dutch players. I have no home meta because no one plays ind my region so I only play online so thanks for everyone on Theironthrone for helping me test the deck. And thanks to Richard again for the 7th plot!


Stormborn 301

Congratulations on your win!

With that plot line, Beggar King would be nice.

DaKilla 119

@StormbornYeah, but it isn't really needed. Never had any gold problems. Sure you couldn't play Daenerys on turn 1 but the deck doesn't want to...

MiSiO 273

Congratulations fellow loyalist!

@StormbornI have few questions:

DaKilla 119

@MiSiOI'm guessing these questions were ment for me :) 1: The deck doesn't play aggressive but more control. So 2 claim isn't really needed. 2: I didn't have a slot for nightmares because otherwise setup would be really bad. Already had 15 non setup cards because you won't setup Astapor 3: Need is a big word but it really helps. Because of Plaza of Pride you need quite a few cards to discard. 4: In this deck Roseroad is waaaay better than great hall. I can't use great hall for events, my many locations and bluffing dracarys. 5: Yes and to stop their Hand's Judgments. Just so many good events nowadays.

MiSiO 273

@DaKillaOf course. Sorry for that.

Thanks for Your answer. I agree that gold is a problem with so many expensive cards in this deck and other Targ decks.

hagarrr 579

Congratulations again my friend!

What would you remove from the deck, if anything?

TheTank 195

Congrats on the win! It was well deserved. Our final was a bit silly maybe, but the 4th round of swiss was a very respectable game indeed.

This deck is extremely consistent and poses a constant threat. Well done!

DaKilla 119

@hagarrrI think Littlefinger and Syrio would be first to go if something better came along. Don't know if I would change something with the current card pool.

@AshThanks mate!

@MiSiOThe deck goes slow at the beginning but that isn't a problem at all. And after 2-3 turns you normally have all the gold you need. You won't be able to put much pressure during those first turns but you don't need to. I really don't care about my characters those first turns. Let them die, you'll hit back harder later on.

zack 126

Heya, thanks for posting the list! I like the more control-y Targ decks, so this one definitely got my attention :) On the other hand, in this style of decks, I tend to play way more econ locations, usually 11-12, with a couple of Tourney Grounds which are great for bluffing indeed and setups.

So I'm wondering how you're playing Astapor these days, given it's quite costly. Am I guessing right that you usually do not play it in the early game, but more often later, maybe after Slaver's Bay Port has kicked in? That might be a problem for early game control, no?

Wouldn't playing a single huge-money plot, maybe instead of Heads on Spikes fix that? In a different deck I'm playing Late Summer Feast, but it's a "The Rains of Castamere" deck, so I can overcome its drawback triggering the agenda. Maybe here Trading with the Pentoshi would be a better choice?

DaKilla 119

@Zack I normally play Astapor in the first 2 turns if I have him. You don't need many characters those first turns. I don't always play it with 4 gold on it. Kinda depends on the deck I'm playing against.

zack 126

@DaKilla I see. So I guess you haven't encountered Lay Siege much in the wild yet :)

DaKilla 119

@zackI didn't see it during the tourney no. Online you see it a lot more but during a tourney it's hard to make place for it because it's so specific.

MiSiO 273

I have ssen lists (NW) with Lay Siege - this is a reason I am oconsidering 3 copies of Astapor myself :D

DaKilla 119

@MiSiOYeah duping it helps a lot ofcourse. And HJ can help as well.. Even without Astapor the decks works great.

MiSiO 273

My version runs 2 Astapor ATM but I think of adding either 3rd Plaza of Pride or 3rd Astapor (61 cards). With Plaza of Pride I can use dupes to stand characters. My only concern is lock of enough gold to start Astapor. Your plots have even lover gold than mine (this can help vs NW :P).

I still struggle. The Hand's Judgment or Nightmares (or Lay Siege. I run Nightmares and they win games.

Ruhrgebiet 1

hi there! is there a FB group for Netherland AGOT players, that i can find the infomation about Regional in Netherland? Thanks!!

TheTank 195

@Ruhrgebiet a game of thrones lcg - Nederland