Embrace The Baldy (14-3 Bristol/Cardiff Regionals)

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None. Self-made deck here.
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GJ Rains, no Varys (Semifinalist Kassel Regional) 2 0 1 1.0
King of the Sea - GJ rains Fracas 2017 king of swiss 41 27 12 1.0

Isian.H 724

credit to James Waumsley for his hep making the deck.

Plan is to get your econ going by playing a good varys into a marched or valar, whatever works best. Varys activates your econ for you. If you can varys plot one or two it's great. Watch what you play you don't want to do more damage to yourself than opponent. Sometimes you're ahead and don't need him but he is an intrigue icon with stealth which can help you get rains off. Some games don't require a varys or even any rains triggers but it's good to have them Varys also keeps boards small which Greyjoy love. That's where balon, victarion and Asha shine. Rains triggers help you get into good positions with filthy or stand a character to use them again or copy plots. Wildfire when things get too big and forgotten plans for good, long lasting plots.

Day 1 - Bristol Regionals - 59 players Cannot remember much from the day as I was severely hung over. I only remember the last couple of matches clearly enough to write anything

Game 1 - vs - Targ Fealty Got a good varys off and he couldn't find many characters

Game 2 - vs - Lannister Rose Set up 3 chuds and had big guys in hand. Opened trading to his calling the banners didn't stop any of his econ. Opponent plays 7 cost cersei duped and Jaime and some more chuds, no Gold left. I play varys and econ and locations and pop him off. March cersei, iron islands market turned on plot 2 or 3. He sees no big characters and I win

Game 3 -vs- Targaryen Rains He plays danni dragons and a few characters turn one, valar to get his board down to nothing, he plays one character during challenges tries to fire and blood a dragon I hands judgement. He does it again the next turn and I hands judgement again leavingnhim with one character on the board for two turns, victarion intimidating everything else. Play rise of the kraken and finish it with nobody on his board. Hands judgement MVP in this match. I'm sure he had dracarys but was better to cancel the revivals than dracarys.

Game 4 -vs- Martell Fealty Meta mate who I always loose to. Managed to play tears on nymeria dupe turn one and valar her off the board, was a hard match. He was ahead most of the time but I had a Clutch moment when I hands judgement his vengeance.

Game 5 TITLE MATCH FOR THE BELT -vs- Tyrell Rains piloted by the infamous James Waumsley. Managed to we do not sow his arbor turn 1 or two followed by a reset. Reader trigger discarded Queen of thorns, Renly and Queen Margery. He comes back with Marge duped and chud. I use [best kil spel in gaem] (/card/01044)on the chud and marched Marge. Closed the game out because he couldn't play much once I flipped rise of the kraken and conceded like the scrub he is #shutyourmouthandknowyourrole <3

Game 6 -vs- Bara Kraken (Ryan wood) This is the beginning of the Bara kraken vs Greyjoy rains legacy which is Ryan wood and his deck. After first turn he had all the saves out and there's no way for me to reset his board with a valar. So lucky I find varys plot 3 and trigger him. His painted table and chair weren't enough to slow me down as He couldn't marshal much after and I finish the game by applying mil pressure and rains triggers. He saw no econ. I saw all 3 of my markets allowing me to play much more and win

6-0 king of Swiss

Top 8 -vs- James Wamesley AGAIN One of the cut had 16 neautrals in a Fealty deck so wamma made it in from 9th looking to get his championship belt back. Game went similar to before I was in control most of the game because of his bad draw. Towards the end he got a good board state but it was too late and I barely managed to close. RIP young prince.

Top 4 -vs- Bara Kraken (Ryan wood) rematch I saw no saves and he saw everything early allowing him to get a good valar off. I varys but everything is duped and there are saves so I can't even valar after the varys. I try to hold on for another varys but he was nowhere to be found. Beat him in the Swiss but he got revenge in the cut. Game ended. Sweet chin music. I cried. I lost the championship belt to him. Wamma was disappoint. I went to sleep.

3rd place 7-1

Day 2 Cardiff regionals - 28 Players

Game 1 -vs- Martell Watch Don't remember too much he had me early but I got a good varys into valar/marched combo to kill nymeria and get me ahead. Was tough for him after that as his econ was lacklustre.

Game 2 -vs- Targ Fealty Setup chuds econ and locations. I trading into his summer harvest which was the plan. He plays Danny dragons and some other characters 3/4 cards left in hand. I have varys and play him. Don't put him into challenges because I'm not an idiot. I wipe his board. My econ is now activated but he plays rebuilding to put 3 cards back into his deck. I play victarion and a chud and proceed to bully him for two turns. His lack of character draw lost him the game after that.

Game 3 -vs- Stark Fealty I Mulligan into an appointed on Asha, seastone chair, iron mine, roseroad. I draw back up into a terrible hand of 2 appointed, 2 iron islands markets, great hall and two roseroads. Lucky me he didn't march me. Played econ because expected a march, drew into Euron and chud which I played. He marriage pacts Euron. I manage to get rains off into wildfire to kill 3 of his chuds which were also his econ. Asha did 3 challenges. Confiscated next turn played another chud. Econ is building up. Next turn Euron is marriage packed again so during his military I claim Euron because he only had 4 characters and that got him down to 3, Asha does 3 challenges again and is MVP. I manage to mil, then tears killing off everyone except Sansa who was marched the next turn. Play victarion and bully him after that. Bad start but lucky to come back from that. Also lucky he didn't see or play any bigger characters.

Game 4 -vs- Tyrell rains (Ben Davy) He had a terrible mulligan and setup randyll with two attachments who got marched. I have decent board he plays varys with bodyguard on a calm over westeros turn. I manage to topdeck seastone chair. I then we do not sow the bodyguard and seastone his bald ass. He uses ghosts of harrenhal to bring him back and I repeated it again. Game was very one sided and his draw didn't help. Game ended in 10 minutes

Game 5 -vs- Bara Kraken Tagore playing the same deck Ryan wood was playing yesterday, he had a great start and mine was a single balon with a roseroad after a mulligan. I knew he wasn't going to march but I had no other choice. He draws Mel and bob and lots of dupes. I varys turn 5 doesn't do much. Varys again on turn 6 to get rid of bob which is the main problem. He topdecks his third copy of bob from his red keep draw and plays clash to my rise of the kraken, he plays bob and theon. He needs 2 power to close I only have one on my house card. So a power challenge with renown won him the game. I was wishing I saw a nightmares for bob especially at the last plot. If he didn't see bob I could have clawed my way back with the double claim power and then valar and probably flipped into rise of the kraken again because plots reset.


Top 8 -vs- Martell Kraken (Darren Hazelden) Set up was good for me. Okay for him. He gets boneway, iron throne and ghaston out turn one. He played a couple of chuds and newly made lord to get rid of one of my iron mines. I play Euron and shipwright. He uses captains daughter on the shipwright but I play another one to kneel ghaston. Turn one I rains into power behind the throne on defence to get two uses out of Euron and get lucky. I hit a fiefdom. He had no cards at the end of round two, shipwright MVP kept kneeling ghaston. At the end of turn two he has no cards in hand so I valar his board. He marched to get rid of Euron or Asha but I have two mines, and a risen which is cancelled but then cancelled by my cancel. So I save Euron Asha and theon and he is marched. He is topdeck Ong and draws nothing useful. I forget to use shipwright on one turn and have a duped Asha sent back to my hand but this allowed Euron to take it and keep it. He made a few mistakes but nothing that cost him the game.

Top 4 -vs- Bara Kraken (tagore) AGAIN!!! I setup asha chud econ and mine, He sets up locations and two chuds. I go first Marshall victarion, he plays bob duped but no iron mines and spears. I have to intrigue for rains so I can filthy bob. I then played more of le best kil spel in gaem on bob to get rid of his dupe. I then valar the next turn killing bob and chuds. The biggest problem of the deck is now dead. I am mostly in control but he does give me a lot of trouble with Mel and her kneel and two valars going off. Victarion keeps winning challengers and saved himself twice. I end up closing but he got really really close at one point. 13 power to my 9/10. He eventually ran out of steam so it allowed me to finish him. Very close game. Very tough game. Would have lost if I didn't kill bob turn one thanks to op kill spell

Finals -vs- Greyjoy Crossing (Daniel Kaye) I had a feeling rush might be difficult but I had a decent start with a varys in hand, I Play trading to his summer harvest. He plays his whole hand out which I wanted so I could varys next turn. Varys gets taken on an intruige challenge 1/7 cards. :( Couldn't find another one in time and I wasn't in the position to valar. We slugged it out but i Was nowhere near winning. I was coming back toward the end but beating my initiative on my rise of the kraken turn finished me off as he was 2 power away and had two renown characters on the board. Great game. Would have been mine if I saw another varys or if he stayed in hand.

Finished 7-2 Overall deck finished 14-3 Over the whole double regional weekend. I didn't have to face any nights watch but I think varys would have handled that matchup really well. Varys board wipe and march aemon. Then go to town on the wall. Typed all this up on the journey back home so it's gonna be crap.

I had a great time playing and would like to thank everyone for the games and I will see you all soon <3


scantrell24 3242

Thanks for sharing. Looks like a strong game plan!


Nice deck and some impressive results! Well done. With the new pack out, would you consider the new character and if so what would you cut? Or would you make any other adjustments with the new pack?

Isian.H 724

@YEEZUS would love to slot Silence's Crew in they're so strong. Probably best non unique character since ranging party. I have no idea what to take out. This deck is just too tight as it is and curve is high. Great halls don't reduce them so can be hard to play. However Silence's Crew can be setup and can still get stronger via their ability by the curve isn't low enough for me to constantly get good setups with them like a wall deck would the wall

I'd love to have space for a single Sea Bitch or another Newly-Made Lord

UrosK 13

I really don't understand 3x Iron Islands Market, I mean the only thing that puts opponents cards in discard pile is intrigue challenge which is one card per turn meaning very slow and Varys, but i have to assume that in most games using Varys early can do a lot of damage to your own board, after all, no greyjoy save works on discard, unless you got very lucky with dupes on your main characters, and opponent doesn't have an answer for Varys. Getting 1 gold for 2 gold location is quite a trash tier for tempo and 3x of those must hurt your setup as well with all those big characters.

Isian.H 724

@Vrgmaister They've been amazing all weekend. Eeasily 6-10 gold on a kraken turn most games. Only one or two games they turned on late because opponent used rebuilding or I don't find what I need. Any events opponent uses counts and dupes and bodyguards go to discard pile, also we do not sow and newly made lord help. I have had them turned on by plot 2-3 in 90% of my games. Early varys after you give them lots of gold is ideal as it will turn on plot two. If you plan on varys of course don't play your hand out you have to hold it back

Reader 137

Hi, Martin here. Really enjoyed watching you play this build Isian. Best game for me was between you and Tagore, each round swung this way and that. I agree that Varys would have taken the game against Dan, but what a good pull for his intrigue claim. I think that Dan's deck was put together to out run Martell; the only faction to beat me over the weekend.

Glad you named the build 'Embrace the Baldy', it's perfect. Sadly for you but not for Dan... thats exactly what Dan did!!! well... more snatch than embrace.

Thank you for the mat buddy, it is hugely appreciated ;o)

Isian.H 724

@Echoes of Ice & Firegood to hear and you're welcome. Just try and grace the mat with some Greyjoy cards once in a while :D

Reader 137

That is the plan. If not main faction, always banner. Currently building and about to test a deck I'm calling Theon's Fury, which is Targaryen banner Kraken. Getting the most out of 2 claim double mil with Theon, before Vic Drogon, Asha and Wydmyr spank for Power, using Plaza of Punishment and Intimidate to push through Intrigue.

Yet to test

TMind 1

Can we make space for Bodyguards ? I find it hard to get Dupes fast enough for an early Varys.