Martell Fealty Reset (Indy Regional Winner)

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No Funny Stuff: Ep7 - Martel Fealty 3 4 0 1.0
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Nick decklist for regionals 2 1 3 1.0
Martell Fealty Reset (Gen Con NA Champs Runner Up) 4 3 1 2.0

AtotheJ 217

Here's the deck I took to Indy for the win. Based on the deck that took second at the Milan Fighting Pits and Pottorf's (No Funny Stuff) version. went undefeated the whole day. Round breakdown can be found here


DontYouKnowImLoco 23

Hey, we played first on Saturday! Had a good game and you were a nice player. This deck was great and destroyed me quick and fast. lol

Congrats on winning it all!

AtotheJ 217

@Renasissanceman6Thanks! It was great meeting you! Hope to see you around more at tournaments!

Knight_Who_Says_Ni 1

Thanks for sharing, nice to see martell doing better and better. When comparing with the MFP list, i noticed you don't run political disaster. Was this a meta call or do you think it's just not worth it as there is no space?

Badeesh 28

I find this pretty insightful. They have literally got 1 econ card, and 1 card advantage card, and now they are winning. It just goes to show you how to balance this game. Well done dude.

Loras Tyrell 316

@Badeeshalso fitting all of that into a new archetype and making it work was part of the deal :D

Badeesh 28

@Loras TyrellI guess! This seems like pretty much the classic Martell Fealty (well maybe in my world, since Valar dropped). It would be insightful if you talked through the impact of the new toys. Other than secret schemes and the fiefdom.

AtotheJ 217

@Knight_Who_Says_NiI ran this deck at the Wisconsin regional to top 8 with Political Disaster in my plot list because I expected more nights watch. After seeing Fro Ttop's variation (see link in "derived from") and testing vs NW, I found it really wasn't necessary. It makes the matchup a lot easier but not necessary.

Beknirvana 184

Sean here...

You also dropped Time of plenty as the opener between Madison and this. Did Secret Schemes work enough to get the parts for the Varys "The Last of the Giants" combo to stop early rush? Any worries about rush in general?

AtotheJ 217

@BeknirvanaHey Sean! Secret Schemes is actually very bad against rush since you need plots to be in the used pile unless you have played a Ricasso which I wasn't running. TBH I wasn't really thinking about rush as it's not all that common right now but I don't think it's that bad of a matchup. I can always Valar early to buy time or use Varys.