Randyll the Monster Crow

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ChannelDelibird 286

This deck is featured in Episode 7 of Deck Talk on Ben Davy's excellent Knight of the Blackwater YouTube channel. For an in-depth discussion on the aims and origins of the deck, as well as footage of it in action, follow the link there.

The short version is that this is an updated version of a deck that was featured on my blog, designed around putting Sworn to the Watch on Randyll Tarly. This version of the deck dropped The Wall to go aggro and run Political Disaster. It's good fun!


Stathis 1

Thanks for the idea!!

teamjimby 1089

Love the deck. How about at least 1x of Pyp?

ChannelDelibird 286

@teamjimby I'm not a big fan of Pyp. I'm already on two draw plots plus three ravens and Littlefinger as well as some filter from BAMF. Yes, I could get two draws out of Randyll, but what do I cut? Most likely a better character than another 3-cost military monocon. Grenn is already a merely okay body in the deck for the benefit of other characters. Admittedly, the extra Ranger for Watcher on the Walls would be nice but I'd probably sooner drop Watchers than add Pyp.

That said, feel free to test and see if it works for you!

servetz 30

Nice idea! But how do you manage to play a game in which you don't see randyll or sworn to the watch? Or even worse if randyll gets brutally killed or discarded by the varys+LotG combo?