For the North(east!) - Top 32 GenCon 2017 Joust

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Night watch rains 12 6 2 1.0

fauxintel 187

This is the deck that most of the Greater NYC-Boston-Ottawa (and friends!)Alliance built and played in the GenCon 2017 North American Championship Joust tournament. Dan Strouhal and myself placed in the top 32 (we both narrowly missed the top 16). Four other players in our group played the deck in the Swiss with three of them having positive records (and praying for the graduate cut to be 48, not 32). One of our other players was playing a much more modified version of this deck, as well, and he was in the top 32 with Dan and I.

The core deck idea comes from Darknoj then he and Dan refined it over about three weeks with feedback from our group. Going into our testing weekend we felt that a degenerate stall deck would own the meta but our data argued for Targ. We felt like Targ had good match-ups against much of the field and we 'teched our version to survive the stall games. HOWEVER, Noj was not feeling 100 percent about the deck so he brewed this up. He was concerned about what the rise of Greyjoy (particularly Rains) in the second half of the regional season would do to our Targ deck. We found that NW Rains had the same good match ups as Targ but also had good match ups where the Targ was weak.

This thing generally beats Builders, Lanni Rains, Greyjoy, non-degenerate stall Martell, and Targ. Tamas-style NW Featly is a "who sees the Wall first" sort of 50/50. The only awful match ups are Bara (which we expected little of), degenerate stall like Martell-Stag (a risky call in a GJ meta), and Hyper-Viper (which we bet no Canadian or American would play in a major tournament). This ended being a good meta call in the bye and bye - since the field was a lot of Lanni and GJ with little to no Bara as you climbed the Swiss. Toronto, some of the Midwest, and eventual champion Alex Black (congrats Alex!) did roll the dice with Martell-Stag, however, and gave me only loss before the graduated cut.

This deck is very fun to play and very flexible. You can play it as a tempo-aggro style "get them to zero" (or zeroish, since we don't run Marched) using Jon and Cotter to own people. You can also play it as slow, grinder Wall deck with a lot of answers to Wall deck's usual bad-match ups. You can also switch styles mid-game.

One final note: Dragonglass Dagger is a fine card and keywords are character abilities in Second Edition.


dnicacios 22

Good to know about the keywords being character abilities. I was not aware. Are they triggered character abilities as well? (possible to cancel them with treachery). Congrats on the results!

Sokhar 45

OK, keywords are character abilities. How many situations will that every be relevant? Your dagger-carrying character isn't participating yet when an opponent declares stealth, so no help there. Only one I can think of is if you have a standing character participating in a challenge that you're going to lose, they can't be Intimidated. Am I missing something?

FredInRealLife 232

Correct @Sokhar, that is exactly what happened. The character did not kneel because of The Fire That Burns.

Its quite a nice deck Roy. I matched against Darknoj's version in the swiss. I think this might be the definitive NW rains.

r480 86

How did Ghost perform?

fauxintel 187

@r480He was fine. Was a 3rd Jon dupe in one game and Halder fodder in another.

GionniNeve 1

Congratulations for u're "team" result, really performing!

Did u have something change in mind now that the new chapter is in?!

fauxintel 187

@GionniNeve I think this deck needs to be completely rethought in the wake of the new pack. It certainly wants x3 Ryan Jones. It may not be as strong after the high power level of the new cards.

adam_geek 389

I dont think the wall is a good choice. You could be more aggresive to make full use of the Rain. Coz you are still concerned about varys. Try white tree and long claw

adam_geek 389

And REAL Varys player would use the last of giants so nightmare is also required

adam_geek 389

Mance Raider seems to be a wise choice

Chodih 43

This is the deck I played today in Dutch Nationals. Inspired/copied from this deck right here.

Thank you guys for coming up with this monster.