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For the North(east!) - Top 32 GenCon 2017 Joust 5 3 11 1.0
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Chodih 43

This is the deck I brought to Dutch Nationals.

I made it to King of Swiss going 5 - 0. Only to be eliminated in top8 by Marnix de Wit, who eventually lost in the final to Franke Roders.

Franke and I play basically every friday afternoon, where I function as a punching bag, since I spend less time thinking, building, rebuilding and tweaking decks. I usually roam thronesdb for ideas, blatantly netdeck, and then tweak to my liking.

For Nationals, I wanted something different than usual for me, so I looked into Night's Watch. Remembering days of old, where playing defense stark in Melee 1.0 was my thing.

I didn't want to just sit behind my wall, so I looked to find ideas that did things a bit different. And then I stumbled upon 'For the North(east!)'. And there it was in all it's glory.

I sleeved it, and started playing it on the friday afternoon. It took me a while to get my feel, but it very much grew on me.

And then the flea bottom CP hit the streets. All them tricks.

I still did fairly ok, but I felt it might need a tweak or two. O, and to drop 1 card, because, no offense, but I just can't play 61 cards. That is just plain wrong.

Dropped 1 Halder, 1 Ranging Party, 1Practice Blade. And added 1 Yoren and 1 Begging Brother. Basically looking to counter the flea bottom. And it works! Yoren makes sure my opponent looses that key low cost character.

Like, Quaithe, Arya, Southron Mercenary, Summer, and even Second Sons. My favourite play was taking an Orphan of the Greenblood, and bouncing Yoren, to take another character.

Round 1 - Targaryan Crossing. vs. ??

We both had decent set-ups. On the second turn I fetched Aemon, and duped it. And played Craster.

Turn 3 I Valar-ed. He played Varys and a chud, hoping to discard my things. I flipped into the Red Wedding to kill Varys, and took the game. That plot is awesome.

Round 2 - Tyrell - Lion. vs. Jamie Bamfield Jamie set up Tinder Marge and no economy. And didn't see any economy all game.

I milked Marge on turn 1, to make sure she was never triggered. She was TIBWHID'ed (Thank you George Ankers, for this verb) once, but never hit the table again.

I was able to kneel/ play game of thrones to make sure my Wall kept grabbing power. It was a slow grind, but eventually I managed to take it.

Round 3 - Stark - Watch. vs. George Ankers George normally plays Jank, and comes up with THE BEST weird. Somehow he decided he wanted to do well for Dutch nationals, travelling from the UK and all.

I set up the wall, he did not, and didn't see it untill turn 5.

Although my Mance Rayder, and my Jon Snow were Marriage Pacted, and became dominance winning walking Iron Thrones, I was able to take a power here and there and trigger the wall, to take it.

Notable play: I played Trading with the Pentoshi, and played all my cards but 1. Then kept 7 gold. With Mance Rayder in play. George did an intrigue challenge with Cotter Pyke, stealthing my only intrigue icon. I spent 7 gold and ambushed Jon Snow, and defended. It was glorious.

Round 4 - Lannister Crossing. Wilco van Dijk.

Wilco is a strong player. And he plays off-centre decks. He played clansman jumpers, with flea bottom, harrenhall and tower of the hand. And all the events.

Discarding the hound to reserve, only to flea bottom it back, and bounce it, to play it, to bounce it, to discard it again to reserve, is marvellous. He played little characters during marshalling all game, but managed to do many challenges...

He wiped my board on turn 1, with those weird clansmen who kill a defending character and claim. I took me three turns and a Trading and a Late Summer Feast to develop a board again. Jon survived turn 3, and was followed up by, I think, 4 other characters.

My Valar on turn 7 left me with a Ranging Party due to Aemon. We went to time, and I only won, because Yoren borrowed Bronn, that ended up on Wilco's side of the table, but he had no gold left for Flea Bottom or any tricks. I did an unopposed challenge for the last 2 power.

Round 5 - Lannister Rains. Franke Roders

As I said, Franke and I play weekly, so we knew each others decks inside out. Franke plays the big hitters, Tywin, Gregor, Jaime, Hound, Tyrion. Treachery and TIBWHID's are everywhere.

I normally loose this matchup, but my milks and cravens turned up nicely. This game also went to time, and I got it on a modwin.

Top 8 - Targaryan Fealty. Marnix de Wit.

Marnix plays Targ. A lot. He knows what he's doing. I saw no economy, and up till turn 3 I had no locations. This was an uphill battle from the start. I had some milks and cravens to put on Greyworm (ha, just learned that guy has no attachments except weapons... guess it was a long day.) and Daenarys so it seemed fine. Enter Plaza of pride, flea bottom, and Viserys. And an ill-thought-of military challenge on my side. In two turns all my negative attachments were gone, and I took a beating. All in good fun though, Marnix is a great guy.

All in all, it was an awesome day, and apparently this deck is still viable in a heavy flea bottom meta!


  • 3 great halls seems a bit excessive. Might change 1 for a Kingsroad to maybe boost my initiative when I need it. Going first with 'fire that burns' is just meh.
  • Ghost is my MVP. I love this card. Favourite play (not in this tournament) is triggering rains for Varys Riddle, on 'A time for wolves' to put Ghost in play, to be able to effectively trigger valar next turn.
  • Old Bear Mormont in a flea bottom meta seems potent, but never got a trigger in once. Contemplating dropping him. Also because he is a lord and dies from my own Red Wedding.
  • Mance Rayder. Just to be able to ambush Jon Snow. it's hilarious.
  • Ygritte with Craster or Jon Snow is just a very effective way to get a rains trigger in. Beautiful.
  • Ranging Party. I mean they are good, but boring. I will be looking for fun replacements.
  • Cotter Pyke is just silly. Especially with dragonglass daggers.
  • Jon Snow is potent. I feel he lacks renown. :-) Thinking of adding Longclaw...
  • Red Wedding is brutal. Varys, Tywin-dupe, Lancel, Tommen and Daenarys all died to it.
  • A well timed Game of Thrones on defending that first intrigue challenge, stifling the other two is brilliant.
  • Valar in this deck, on average leaves you with three-four characters. You can build from there.

ChannelDelibird 200

She was Tibwhade (it's an irregular verb). ;)

Congratulations, mate. It was a pleasure to lose to you.

Ash 183

Well done, mate!