The Saltiest of The Wives! NA Melee Champion!

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BalonsBastard 34

This is the deck I was lucky enough to secure the North American Melee Championship. Like any Greyjoy melee deck it is built on the principle of unopposed challenges. The MVPs of the deck are 3x salt wife and the plot supporting the faith. I also tried to go for crown regent everytime. Playing soft, being overly generous and controlling the challenges phase is what helped me win. Ahead of the tide is also an amazing card in melee if you want to win initiative! Any questions at all, ask me!


Kennon 127

Love it! Supporting the Faith was so clutch.

celric 263

What was so strong about Suppoting the Faith? Was it your closer to limit the challenge phase tricks people might have used to stop you? Or did it play another role? Also congrats on winning a championship in what I feel is the game's purest form. Well Played!

BalonsBastard 34

@celric It was so amazing because my deck needs 0 gold in the challenges phase and every other house has ambush or events that are crucial to them. Taking away the gold disallows them from accomplishing anything but true challenges.

GioutsosGr 1

@BalonsBastardNice Deck!! I'd like to know which plot card do you usually start with and which plot cards follow after that. Also how do you counter any opponent's attachments on your cards and opponent's events? Do you think cards like Weapons at the Door, Confiscation, The Hand's Judgment and Nightmares could be used with this deck? Finally how would you feel adding Wildfire Assault or Marched to the Wall?

fauxintel 187

Well done, Jesse.