"...ladies," he said as he tipped his fedora

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ConfusedUs 79

Flea Bottom, Irri, Plaza of Pride, and Handmaiden make it possible to get multiple re-stands for Lady characters using a Dragon banner. Tyrells have the best ladies.

Margaery Tyrell (AMAF), The Queen of Thorns (Core), and/or Brienne of Tarth are your centerpieces. Any game where you can get two of them out is fairly strongly in your favor.

The Silver Hair Net is a key piece of the puzzle. I've put serious thought into making it 3x. Stealth on a renown character who can stand multiple times is really good.

If you have Marge out, try to get at least one lord out to help feed her ability, but it's not strictly necessary. Her renown, coupled with Silver Hair Net and lots of re-stands, is really what you're after.

On a turn with three ladies out and multiple stands, it's not uncommon to be able to get 4-7 power between renown and the events. Remember, most of the events work defensively, also! It's fairly dangerous for the opponent to do anything except military. And if they do, Marge just finds another guy to hang out with.


Lannister 27

Like this deck, however it has a worrying lack of draw... How does that work to you?

ConfusedUs 79

I had two bad games this last weekend where some draw would have been most welcome. With that in mind, I'm already tweaking the deck a bit. Some changes I"m testing include:

Replace Name Day Tourney with Pulling the Strings, mostly to hit other players' Counting Coppers. Replace 1-3 events with "the bear and the maiden fair" Replace a lord or two with Second Sons. (Great to recur with Flea Bottom)

And you'll notice that two of those are draw related.