A Faceless Man is Another Thing Entirely v.2.0

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jmk4422 7

Initial thoughts: Needs another, more reliable win condition.

Version 2.1

  • +3 Doran's Game (for another win condition)

    • removed three of something bc card count still 61 but I forget what. Huh.

    Version 1.22

  • Adding Hand's Judgment due to constantly having Jaqen's ability stopped.

  • Adding Syrio b/c Faceless Man

  • -2 Great Hall, -3 Nightmares
  • Version 1.0
    • Jaqen Deck. Idea is to remove icons from enemy to make it easier to solo.

chriswhite 1

The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due will let you replay Jaqen with new targets.

Loras Tyrell 275

This deck needs at lest 3 more "The Last of the Giants"

NikolaP 18

Are you sure about those 3x Doran's Games? In my humble opinion, you don't want more than two, even in a deck running 3x Ricasso. Also, new Viper could do some good work in this deck, Maester Caleotte too. Instead of Dornish Fiefdoms, I'd suggest +1 Blood Orange Grove and some Ocean Roads instead of The Roseroads.

jmk4422 7

@chriswhite: Yes, there is definitely a place for The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due in this deck.

@NikolaPI keep messing around with the economy, which is why I put in Taxation. What's the benefit of a reducer over a gold generator? Also, who would you remove to make room for The Red Viper (OR)?

tejastrails 1

I know the Syrio Forel is thematic to the Faceless Men thing but I might look at dropping him for The Red Viper (OR). With the icon attachments it seems like he would do more work for this deck and help it close out games faster.

NikolaP 18

@jmk4422With initiative on these plots, opponent will not let you go second, that's why I'd remove Fiefdoms, and put cheaper ones, for improved setups.

You could remove one copy of Edric Dayne and/or Elia Sand, single copy of Maester of Sunspear could also be removed, since you have Orphan of the Greenblood for attachment control. I also don't like Spearmaiden, she never seems to pull her weight unless you already have dominating board presence. I'd also suggest dropping one copy of Syrio Forel, not sure you need 3. Cards that you never hate seeing in your hand and should consider putting are Bastard Daughter, Greenblood Trader and Secret Schemes, since you'll need more draw besides Time of Plenty and Starfall Cavalry. Also, consider Scorching Deserts, they're great in this build and great for setup. Political Disaster could be good too.