Murder on the Dancefloor

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jimstewarty2j 1

This is my first attempt at building a deck for AGoT. I was really inspired by the Red Wedding and the strength that old Walder Frey has in attack. Combined Frey Lordling, Black Walder, The Twins and the Crossing agenda, I wanted something that would swing big.

I am having trouble with my plot deck, and also in getting 3 challenges off consistently (intrigue),so any and all advice welcome, particularly if it keeps to the theme. My first change will be to introduce Valar Morghulis, probably at the expense of Littlefinger's Meddling.

I know its a total new player build,but I'm still finding my way with the nuances and would prefer not to net-deck. Thanks to @Dark293 for his tips and pointers.

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