Rains of Fire and Blood (Top 8 Dutch Nationals)

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Erik_ 164

This is the deck that I took to the Dutch nationals yesterday. I came in 5th in Swiss, only losing to the King of Swiss in the first round. Unfortunately I couldn't play the cut so I had to drop from top 8, giving the ninth finished player a chance. Given that my deck was inspired by some of his ideas and that he gave me some advice the night before, I guess it's fair that he of all people got my place in the top 8.

The Rains is mostly a nice bonus in this deck, giving quite a lot of flexibility. The draw deck contains too many tricks to name. One of my favourites being TIBWHID during a challenge with Mirri and another character threatening a Rains trigger but rather triggering Mirri. In a testing game I also surprised my opponent by using Fire and Blood on my dead Viserys, Fleabottom on my discarded one, claiming him for military, discarding Tywin's Bodyguard, and on my challenges flip into Red Wedding and sending Tywin my regards.

A small summary of matchups:

1st round: Tom (NW Rains) - loss; In my meta few people play The Wall decks, so I have little experience in the matchup. It started out well, but he was able to flood the board too much and I couldn't regain control. I attempted Varys, hoping that he didn't play The Red Wedding in his scheme deck, but he did.

2nd round: Sebastiaan (Greyjoy Rains) - win; Sebastiaan is on of my meta mates so I knew his deck and he knew mine. From experience I felt that I would have a better chance if I didn't make any mistakes. It was a difficult match since I couldn't pull off many of my tricks, but I managed to grind away his characters. I bestowed Astapor with only one gold and that was just about enough.

3rd round: Wouter (Tyrell Crossing) - win; Wouter's setup wasn't great and I managed to have both Grey Worm and Daenerys with support on the first turn. That turn saw many tricks in challenges back and forth, giving him a small boost on power. My second turn Blood of the Dragon combined with Dany and his crossing set him back a whole turn. He accidentally did his first challenge with Alerie Tyrell + Lady-in-waiting dupe (who then died) which cost him his only intrigue icon, allowing me to easily exploit Rains, kneeling Randyll and winning all challenges that turn. The next turn I won by crowning Randyll and having all dragons out.

4th round: Max (Tyrell Summer) - win; Another game against a meta mate, always regrettable. I started with Mirri who would almost surely win me the intrigue challenge first round, so he kept his 10+ gold instead of risking his important characters. He ambushed both Oldtown Informer and Olenna's Informant, giving him a small board. On the second turn he mistakenly did not play A Song of Summer, allowing me to Blood of the Dragon his three copies of Garden Caretaker, switching on my Slaver's Bay Port right away. I kept in control of the game and won shortly after.

5th round: Mike (Greyjoy Fealty) - win; He had double duped Balon early with Euron and some others, but my Mirri did a lot of work from turn one (with some help of TIBWHID and standing from Illyrio on one turn and Fleabottom Wildling Scout on another). I managed to kill his characters, use HJ on one Risen, discarding another with Varys's Riddle on his Heads on Spikes and after a few turns he just drew some locations and maybe a chud of some sort.

Thanks to all participants for a nice atmosphere and to my opponents for some fun games!


bloody9 1

Was Varysfor the intrigue icon or the discard ability or both? The reason I ask was I was thinking the new Qothoseems good here and was thinking of swapping him in.... Thoughts?

Erik_ 164

I've only just seen your reply, so sorry for my late response. Varys is definitely there for the reset. Especially against Greyjoy it can be important. I'd definitely try and make room for Qotho. I haven't done so yet but I would probably take out Aggo and change the plots a little bit.