"Can Cercei?" [ITALIAN NATIONAL 12th/144]

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This deck was born during June Pinerolo regional, when I met Nimer (our new Italian champion) and presented him a "normal" lanni rose power rush list. He said: "why don't you just jump in Cercei?" and things went crazy. I started playtesting deck since then, fixing it and sharpening it since now with the help of Matteo Gherardi, a friend of mine. We tried every possible combination several time, and came up with this.

This very list has been adopted by 4 player attending Italian National. Me, Lorenzo Andalò (who played one copy of shagga, and one less copy of chamber), Matteo Gherardi and Simone Natalini. 2 of us made the cut, Lorenzo went 6/3 with a drop (he gotta go work), and Matteo 6/3 too. That means that out of 4 players, 2 made the cut and 2 were out due to SOS.

The deck is very strong itself, and unless you made some mistakes is undefeatable.

For a good description of the deck, I suggest you to read Simone's one, since there himself and Andalò are already answering questions, and we totally agree with his opinions and suggestions.

This is an easy to play hard to master deck. Try it out and master it.

Tournament Report:

1-Marco Cipolleta Stark Fealty. Win

I started the game with tower setup and roseroad . 1st plot wheel for a lot of good events. Marco guess something about how deck works, and dropped loads of characters trying to rush me back or delay my win. He made some powers. Plot 2 I was forced to valar and Marco tried to build up again his board, but big troubles were gone. Plot 3 annals and win.

2- Simone Fioriti Lanni Kraken. Win

Interesting game! I couldn't go for combo wombo early due to his good pressure and iron mines. So I decided to try control the board while getting a bunch of power to try winning more easily during annals plot. Problem was that he got a shit load of events, so turning annals would be a damn math turn. I get to the point I couldn't wait more, around plot 4 or 5 so I made annals. I managed to win passing through a counter war and 3 simone's treachery even if I messed up with math. Great game.

3- Valerio Barbero Nw fealty. Win

Easy game. My opponent got a great setup but made poor choices even if he knew the deck. Plot 1 wheel, plot 2 annals 0-15.

4- Fabiano Campolucci martell fealty. Lost

Despite martell is maybe the easiest matchup after Targaryen, Fabiano is by far the most skillfully player I've ever met in Italy. He can foresight perfectly the game, making always the best possible choice without lose focus, impressive. That's why he could cut my legs turn one building up an impressive otah chain, sacrificing his own board. I could beat easily the deck, not the player. First loss for me.

5- Federico Fasullo stark fealty. Lost

My beloved archenemy. He made a poor setup, and opened with building orders for frozen solid. I had already tower and casterly rock in play. 1st plot he played perfectly marshaling brann and winterfell over character. So I decided to switch control, since the board was short, untill I could force a scoring windows. He kept his board short building up a brann/flea/summer recursion that paired with winterfell and 2 frozen solid paralized me. So I tried to force annals anyway, getting to 10 powers but wasting too many resources. Next turn he dropped all the big guys he was hiding in hand destroying me. Kudos!

6- Sara Bonfrisco tyrell crossing. Win

Don't Remember much about this game since I was really really tired, and Sara was too. I went for wheels annals and 0-15.

7- Emanuele Mengali lanni crossing. Win

I hate myself since against one of my agot best friend I had the perfect setup. Honeywine, chamber, casterly roseroad. Could go 0-15 plot one, but since Emanuele is rly good I decided to play safe and go for wheels. Second turn annals for the win, and a beer together.

8- Francesco Servetti martell fealty. Win

Can't remember much, except I went 0-15 early plots, because Francesco is such a great and fun buddy to deal with, that both were more focused to joking and having fun than gaming! Thanks Francesco :D

9- Samuele Franceschi tyrell castamere. Win

Despite my perfect setup again (only happens against Tuscany player. Should mention that XD) Samuele started a mindgame bluff that forced me to play supersafe. He was so damn good with his jedi skills that despite me having EVERYTHING to win, I didn't feel totally safe untill my 3rd hj showed up. Meanwhile he was building his board. When for some reason his bluff charm broke, I went for annals and win. Lucky me he didn't get initiative! Otherwise would be a loss for me. GREAT GAME! Love you Samu!

TOP 16:

Bad luck decided me and Simone should fight the 1st turn of the top. The game was weird. We both had the same list, and we both never had a real mirror match. So was really a player vs player, spell Vs spell, action Vs action match untill the end. We played 3 plot in 60 minutes, trying to see a blink in our eyes, guessing what's going on and going to happen. Great game! Sadly one of us must lose, and that one was me, since there was no clock in the room, and after my marshaling came out that only 3 minutes left. We both played to set up next turn annals and win. I played to have less powers next turn, and win initiative, but Simone had the opportunity to marshal after knowing the time limit was close. So I didn't put flea bottom on the table, which would have granted me 4 powers and the win by time. Shit happens! Simone played perfectly!

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Bayushi Sezaru 626

Cesco, your build was the tightest among all the LanniRose Combo. The deck is truly amazing, and it really ruined the day of many players. Now go burn your cards! ;)