Rules FAQ:

  • Place cards under the agenda after you mulligan.

  • The Conclave's controller can look at facedown cards under the agenda at any time. (Source)
What Smart filter syntax can we use to view all non-loyal Maesters from ALL factions at once? —
k:maester l:0 —
Unfortunately the Smart filter syntax (k:maester l:0) is still limiting the listed Maesters to the chosen faction that was selected to accommodate the Conclave Agenda during the deck setup. The condition of using the "The Conclave" is that you may include non-loyal Maester characters from ANY faction. Again, what Smart filter syntax can we use to view all non-loyal Maesters from ALL factions at once? —
Are you asking about the filter in the deckbuilder? No idea. I use filters in the card database. —
It's a Deckbuilder Smart filter syntax question. ^_^ —
Yes, in the Card Rules section. I suggest you ask here: —

The good news?

This is a Tomasz Jedruszek art, which means, it is very good art.

The bad news?

This plot doesnt fit in much. Simply put, if you can win 2 military challenges, youve probably won the game already. This is a win more card through and through. And that makes the card bad. Put in more win from equal or win from behind cards.

I disagree with the above. If you can win 2 mil challenges on one turn, the game is far from over. Winning two military challenges isn't really very hard to do, and it doesn't really do much by itself unless you have 2 claim (Drogo + Retaliation works much better). And it's not a win-more card, it's a card for stifling the opponent and capitalizing on his weakened state to finish him off. First kill off his chuds, then March his big guy to the Wall. A very viable strategy, but easier to achieve by using a 2 claim plot. —
The only way I would really see someone using this plot is with a non-kneeler that is going to spam renown off of it, namely Jaime and Balon. It is very annoying if someone combines it with one of those. But otherwise, yes, you might as well just use a claim 2 plot--since this one is only 3 gold as well, even something like Winds of Winter would be better. —

One of the premier economy plots in the core set. Most 6-7 cost characters are lords or ladies. So this, when effectively built for, is a 7 gold plot w/o a drawback besides the initialtive, which isnt the biggest deal in the world

The eponymous plot is a tricky one to use, at best. If your opponent is going first, then you just need to defend a int challenge, and the plot has paid for itself. However, with an initiative of 2, the more oft encountered situation is going first, which means haiving to attack in an int challenge first. This makes it much easier for your opponents to win an int on attack back, and then do the rest of their challenges.

This is however, good out of rains, because if you can trigger this on defence with them going first you have just won the challenges round. However, this is still rather difficult, due to the 5+ or more requirement on rains.

This plot is good as a closer, especially in melee, but also in joust. It essentially guarantees going first (if desired) and acts as a 2 claim plot during power challenges (and triggerable on defense, which is fun). If running a rush deck this is a worthy include. However, the plot, Winter Festival, fills a somewhat similar role in the plot deck, which makes this a bit harder to fit.