The Night's Watch. Non-Loyal.
Event. Cost: 0.

Dominance Action: Choose a character with the highest printed cost among characters you control. Sacrifice that character to choose a character an opponent controls and discard it from play.

Victor Garcia
Oberyn's Revenge #86.

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Mutiny At Craster's Keep

Rules FAQ:

  • Mutiny at Craster's Keep chooses only 1 target, and therefore Drowned God’s Blessing protects against it. (Source)

  • If you play Mutiny at Craster's Keep and sacrifice Coldhands as a cost, removed characters return to play in time for the choosing of targets, however they are not eligible due to the Jeyne Westerling rule (FAQ 3.2).
mplain 211
If I have no characters can I still play this event? — Statusunquo 1
No. Sacrificing a character is a cost ("do X to do Y"), if you cannot pay the cost, then you cannot play the event. — mplain 211
Do you have to OWN and control the character? Like if you steal a character from your opponent, can you sac that character? — kidohearts 1236
That works. You only need to control the character. — mplain 211
If my opponent plays this, do I wait for him to discard his character before playing a Hand's Judgement or, do I stop the event before he even discarded his character? — Letodan 13
First the cost is paid (sacrifice a character you control), then a target is chosen, then effects initate (play The Hand's Judgment here), then the effects resolve (discard the chosen enemy character). — mplain 211
When opponent used Coldhands to remove my char from the play... then is Coldhands targeted by Mutiny, what is order of actions? Mutiny player sacs Coldhands - does the removed characters re-enter game before chosing a target character to discard? — Floydos 29
Timing-wise you're okay, in step 4 you pay costs by sacrificing Coldhands and the removed characters return to play, then in step 5 you choose targets. However, FAQ (3.2) (better known as the Jeyne Westerling rule) says that in step 5 you can only choose targets that were eligible in step 1, when you first initiated the ability. And characters removed by Coldhands weren't in play then. So you cannot target them in step 5. — mplain 211