Your plot deck must be exactly 10 cards. You may include a second copy of up to 2 different cards in your plot deck.

While there are 3 or more plot cards in your used pile, your non-War plot cards gain Prized 1.

Card design by 2014 European Joust Champion, Donovan van Beek.

Tim Durning
Redesigns #51.

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The Wars To Come

Rules FAQ

  • You may still only include one copy of any plot with a plot deck limit of 1 (such as Valar Morghulis).

  • The prized keyword resolves automatically and immediately after your revealed plot card enters your used pile. This happens as soon as the next plot is physically revealed, before the step of comparing initiative. If this causes a player to reach 15 power, the game ends immediately before resolving the other steps of revealing plots, including resolving When Revealed abilities.

  • If revealing a new plot increases the number of plots in your used pile to 3, you will not give any power away for prized. The previous plot did not have the prized keyword at the point when it left play. You will give power away the following round though (unless your plot has the War trait).

  • Modifiers that affect the number of plot cards in your used pile (such as Ricasso or Gulltown) also count towards The Wars To Come.

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