Your minimum deck size is 75 cards. Your deck cannot include more than 1 copy of each attachment.

Action: Kneel your faction card and pay X gold to put an attachment with printed cost X into play from your hand.

Reaction: After an attachment enters play under your control, either: draw a card or gain 1 gold. (Limit once per phase.)

Card design by 2015 Melee World Champion, Corey Faherty.

Tim Durning
Redesigns #52.

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Valyrian Steel

Rules FAQ

  • A Pinch of Powder has no printed cost, so you cannot put it into play with Valyrian Steel. (See Printed cost of shadows cards.)

  • You do not need to control the attached card in order to control the attachment. In other words, you can trigger the Reaction after you attach a card like Milk of the Poppy to an opponent’s character, but you cannot trigger it when an opponent attaches Milk of the Poppy to your character.

  • A copy of a card is defined by title: any other card that shares the same title is considered a copy, regardless of cardtype, text, artwork, or any other characteristic of the card(s). In other words, if you include a unique attachment (such as Summer (WotW)) in your deck, you then cannot include any non-attachment versions of that card, because they are still considered to be copies of that attachment. (See Copy (of a card).)

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