House Lannister. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 8. STR: 7.


Assault. No attachments. Pillage.

While you control Tywin Lannister, he gains a icon.

Reaction: After a character you control discards a card using pillage, the losing opponent must choose and discard a card with the same cardtype from their hand unless they reveal a hand containing no cards with that cardtype. (Limit 3 times per round.)

Thomas Denmark
For the Realm #7.

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Lord Tywin's Host

Rules FAQ

  • If you have multiple attacking characters with pillage in the same challenge, Lord Tywin’s Host can react to each pillaged card individually (to a limit of 3 times per round).

  • It is possible for a character to gain a keyword while another keyword is being processed. For instance, if Lord Tywin’s Host forces the losing opponent to discard the last card from their hand, Cersei's Attendant will gain insight if it is also participating in that challenge. The first player decides the order in which keywords are processed. If insight has not been processed yet (it cannot be processed unless there is a character with insight present), Cersei’s Attendant can draw a card.

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