House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Attachment. Cost: 3.

Item. Valyrian Steel.

If attached character is Euron Crow's Eye, he gains insight.

While you control no non-Army characters with printed cost 6 or higher other than attached character, attached character cannot be killed or discarded from play.

Roman Papsuev
For the Realm #6.

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Valyrian Steel Armor

Rules FAQ

  • If attached character "cannot be killed or discarded from play", it cannot be chosen for any effect that would kill it or discard it from play (including claim), nor can it be used to pay costs in a way that would kill it or discard it from play. If a card effect attempts to “kill each character” or “discard each character from play”, attached character remains unaffected. Note that “sacrifice” is not the same as “discard from play”, so attached character can still be sacrificed.

  • Cards such as Valar Morghulis or Varys (Core) affect all characters simultaneously. If the constant ability of Valyrian Steel Armor is not “active”, due to your controlling another high-cost character, you cannot choose the other character to leave play first in order to “activate” the constant ability and prevent attached character from leaving play. You cannot do this when multiple characters are killed for claim either.

  • When resolving the When Revealed ability of Wildfire Assault, you are not compelled to choose attached character as one of your 3 characters (nor are you compelled to choose one of attached character’s Traits for Vanquish the Unbelievers).

  • Attached character does not need to have a cost of 6 or higher itself in order for the constant ability to apply.

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