House Lannister. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 3.

The Westerlands.

Challenges Action: Kneel Fair Isle to choose an opponent. That player chooses 2 cards in their hand, if able, and places them on top of their deck in any order. At the end of the phase, that player draws 2 cards.

+1 Income.

Andreas Rocha
For the Realm #9.

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Fair Isle

Rules FAQ

  • The phrase “if able” means that you can choose an opponent with fewer than 2 cards in hand. That player will simply resolve as much of the effect as possible, whether that means putting their only card on top of their deck, or nothing at all. That player will still draw 2 cards at the end of the phase though, regardless of how many cards were placed on top of the deck.

  • If The High Sparrow is in play and the chosen opponent has already drawn 3 cards that round, they will not draw any cards at the end of the phase. If they have drawn 2 cards that round, they will only draw 1 for Fair Isle.

  • Placing cards on top of your deck is not the same as discarding those cards from your hand, so Fair Isle would not trigger a card like Cersei Lannister (LoCR).

Odrl 1249
What happens if you stand and then trigger Fair Isle again? Does the opponent draw 2 or 4 cards? — VincentAdultman 1
The opponent would draw 4 cards. There would be two separate delayed effects, each drawing 2 cards. :) — Odrl 1249