House Martell. Loyal.
Character. Cost: 8. STR: 8.

Army. House Yronwood.

Ambush (8). Assault. No attachments.

Reaction: After a card enters play from your hand or shadows area during a challenge, choose a participating character with a lower printed cost than that card's and return it to its owner's hand. (Limit once per round.)

+1 Initiative

Tomasz Jedruszek
For the Realm #10.

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Lord Anders's Host

Rules FAQ

  • The card can enter play from your hand using ambush, or with a “put into play” effect (like Arianne Martell (Core) or "The Last of the Giants"). When entering play from shadows, the card can be put into play by a card effect (like Starfall Spy), or by paying its shadow cost. Lord Anders’s Host can react in all of those instances. It can also react to itself entering play from hand or shadows. It does not need to be participating in the challenge itself in order for the reaction to be triggered.

  • You can return your own character to hand if you wish. If you do this after the winner of the challenge is determined, it may cause another character to be “attacking alone” for the purposes of triggering card abilities (for instance, Jaqen H'ghar). You can also return your only attacking character to hand and the challenge resolution will still proceed as normal (same if you return your opponent’s only attacking character).

  • Lord Anders’s Host cannot react to a card entering play directly from your deck (via A Mission in Essos, for instance). However, if you put Aegon Targaryen into play from your hand or shadows, and then put Lord Anders’s Host into play from your deck that way, the reaction window to Aegon entering play is still open and the Host’s reaction may be used.

  • Events do not enter play, even when played from shadows, so Lord Anders’s Host will not work with events.

Odrl 1206
If I use Jon Connington to bring Aegon out of shadows to bring Lord Anders Host into play from the deck, we have established that the Army can react to Aegon entering play. In this case can it still react to Jon Connington coming out of shadows? — siegeszug 311
I missed this by a year, but better late than never... Yes, the reaction window to Jon Connington coming out of shadows is still open at that point, so you can trigger Lord Anders's Host for Jon rather than for Aegon. :) — Odrl 1206