House Greyjoy. Loyal.
Location. Cost: 5.

Iron Islands. Stronghold.

Each Warship location in your hand gains ambush (X). X is 1 less than that card's printed cost.

Reaction: After a location enters play under your control, choose another non-loyal, non-limited card with equal or lower printed cost. Kneel Pyke to place that card on top of its owner's deck. Then, at the end of the phase, that player draws 1 card.

Ted Nasmith
Bran the Builder #6.

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Rules FAQ

  • You can ambush multiple copies of Jade Sea Dromond or any other Warship location with the limited keyword. The restriction of 1 limited card per round only applies to cards that are marshaled or played, but not to cards that are "put into play" using ambush.

  • A quantity cannot be reduced so that it functions with a value below zero, so any 0-cost Warship in your hand will simply gain ambush (0).

  • Although the wording is somewhat unusual, it works just like any other "do X to do Y" ability. You kneel Pyke and choose a target first, and then your opponent can cancel the effect with cards like Treachery. (See Roose Bolton.)

  • Placing a card on top of a player’s deck is not the same as discarding that card. In other words, you can use a duplicate or Improved Fortifications to save a location against Pyke, but you cannot use Rimegate. Same with characters, a card like Family, Duty, Honor will still work, but Bodyguard will not.

  • The phrase "that player" refers to the card’s owner. If you target a card that is not under its owner’s control, it is the owner (not the controller of the card) who will draw 1 card at the end of the phase.

  • If the card is saved, the post-then part of the effect will not resolve, so the owner will not get to draw a card.

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