House Tyrell. Loyal.
Event. Cost: -.

Shadow (1).

Reaction: After a challenge is initiated against you, reveal your hand (of at least 1 card). Then, choose up to 2 attacking characters. Stand each of those characters and remove them from the challenge. (Max 1 per challenge.)

Rene Aigner
As High as Honor #16.

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A Wall of Roses

Rules FAQ

  • You can choose an attacking character that cannot stand (due to Delena Florent, for example) or an attacking character that is already standing.

  • Up to 2 includes 0, so you do not need to choose any characters if you do not wish to. You can play A Wall of Roses just to reveal your hand. This is true even if there are no valid targets to begin with, which can happen if all attacking characters are either immune to this event (for instance, Stannis Baratheon (FotS)), or already dead (for instance, Ser Emmon Cuy).

Odrl 1187