Character. Cost: 7. STR: 5.

House Arryn. Lord.


Reaction: After you win a challenge in which Littlefinger is participating, each player chooses a card in their hand or shadows area. Then, reveal those cards. If no opponent revealed a card with the same cardtype as you, move 1 power from a card in play to Littlefinger.

Josu Hernaiz
As High as Honor #17.

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Rules FAQ

  • If any player has no cards in their hand and shadows area, Littlefinger’s ability cannot be used.

  • Even if a card that was revealed in this way is removed from the game (by Sweetrobin, for example) or put into play (Alla Tyrell), it is still considered to have been revealed for the purposes of resolving Littlefinger’s ability.

  • Players are not allowed to rearrange the order of their cards in shadows. Once the cards stop being revealed, any player with a good memory should still be able to tell which card is which.

  • A card in play includes any player’s faction card.

Odrl 1206