Character. Cost: 6. STR: 4.

House Arryn. Lady.

While you control Harry the Heir, he gains renown.

Challenges Action: Kneel a neutral location to choose a non-participating character with equal or lower printed cost. That character contributes its STR to your side this challenge. (Limit once per phase.)

Borja Pindado
As High as Honor #18.

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Anya Waynwood

Rules FAQ

  • See FAQ entry 2.10 (Characters contributing their STR) for how this mechanic works.

  • You can choose a kneeling character, a character without the corresponding challenge icon, or a character controlled by an opponent. Anya will not kneel that character or make it participate in the challenge. If the character chosen by Anya later becomes participating (for instance, due to being declared as a defender), that will "override" Anya’s ability.

  • Any character that is only contributing its STR to your side (without actually participating in the challenge) will not be able to trigger reactions in step D of the D.U.C.K. sequence (for instance, Greatjon Umber), nor use any of its keywords in step K.

  • Abilities that refer to a character attacking or defending alone (such as Mirri Maz Duur or Jaqen H'ghar) still work even if another character is contributing its STR to your side via Anya’s ability.

Odrl 1235

The way it's written, it seems like Anya Waynwood could kneel an enemy neutral location for her ability cost. Do I understand correct?

Kneeling is a cost and you can never use opponent — Autoreply 1
Kneeling is a cost here and you can never use opponent's cards to pay a cost. — Autoreply 1