Martell Fealty- Summerhall King of Swiss (5-0)

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polyboy94 173

So Saturday was Summerhall in Atlanta. This was a really fun, unique triathlon format. For those not aware: we played 5 rounds of joust. Afterwards, the top 8 players played 3 rounds of draft. And then the finals was a melee match with the top 4. I had a ton of fun playing, and would highly encourage people to try and come out next year.

This deck worked really well for me all day. If I was going to World's, this would be the deck I would bring. It has the potential to completely control the flow of matches and really negate your opponent's ability to get ahead.

Tourney Report

Round 1- Daniel playing Lanni Rains. (Win) close game that ended with me using Nymeria + Dornish spy to get the unopposed power to close out the game.

Round 2- Caleb playing Stark Fealty (win). This was recorded and will be up later on youtube! I got some really strong combos with Arianne, flea bottom, dornish spy and Areo. Also saw tons of my venomous blades and icon removals and was just really able to punish Caleb every turn.

Round 3 - Brennan playing Lanni Sun (Win). round 1 started with a Tywin and a Mountain staring at me in the face. I was able to Viper Eyes away his treachery, and then Giants + Varys to board wipe and it all went downhill for Brennan from there. Didn't help that he didn't draw any economy for the rest of the game.

Round 4- Chris Law playing Tyrell Summer (Win). Holy hell this game was close. I was barely able to contain his rush and stop him from winning. I made a pretty awful mistake where I bounced Garlan back to hand using Dornish Spy + Southron Messanger instead of Randall, allowing him to replay him with more renown. Barely snuck out the win on plot 6 with a final score 15-12 (I think).

Round 5- Brad playing NW/wolf (Win). This one was also streamed. Brad was playing a discard heavy NW that used Ward and marshalling from your discard pile to steal your characters. He managed to steal a lot of my jumpers and prevent me from using them, but I managed to keep pushing in what was a close Ended in time at 14-10. However, it seemed that based on what we would have drawn/ played next round I would have been able to Nymeria his power icons and get the power icon to win.

Draft So this was my first experience with draft, so i was pretty nervous. I ended up seeing Victarion as my first card, so I drafted a greyjoy deck with the Army/Knights agenda. I then proceeded to lose my two matches versus two NW decks. It was pretty brutal!

Overall though, great event and I had a ton of fun. Congrats to Jesse for his win.



How did you like the wildfire over the valar?

polyboy94 173

I really liked it. There are definitely times where I wish i could valar, but 9/10 times it will end up hurting you. Especially because often you will go 7 plots or 8 plots, and you cannot handle 2 valars. Wildfire also has the benefit of being surprising and having claim, high intitiave and more gold. Some games you will play it just for the stats.

In my game versus Tyrell, I was able to kill a duped Marg and Brienne because of his wide board.

DrNovak 1

Cool deck! Eager to test it! When do you use The Iron Bank Will Have Its Due ? Before an assumed Valar I guess, but which other situations? Same question regarding Orphan of the Greenblood, do you bestow it and if so when do you apply use for it? What card is the MVP of the deck?

polyboy94 173

There are so many amazing way to use those two cards, and is part of the reason I love this deck so much. They are combo enablers.

1) Iron bank a knelt character back to hand to have the gold to ambush in Dornish Spy or Areo Hotah or Southron Messenger.

2) Bounce a character back to hand that you used Flea Bottom with so you can play them again next turn. To add to this, there were a few games where I was able to Flea Bottom a character in, Iron bank/Orphan them back to hand, then immediately discard them for reserve.

3) Ambush in Jaqen H'ghar using "The Last of the Giants" to get an easy kill on a key character. Then, bounce him back to hand before he is killed.

4) One last example: my opponent used Dornish Revenge to kneel Myrcella Baratheon. I could not stop him from winning the challenge by 5 or more STR, so instead, I opted to Iron bank her back to hand before she would be killed.

There are so many options that those cards enable you to do.

Zouavez 1

With so many amazing targets, why not play the third copy of Flea Bottom and Iron Bank? Is the Iron Throne tech against bara dominance, or just generally useful?

polyboy94 173

Honestly it was a tough call. I originally started with 3 flea bottom copies, but bumped it down to 2 because martell does not have a strong way to seed their discard pile. You really have two main ways to put your jumpers in your discard pile: using your low reserve plots (Marched to the Wall and Retaliation) to discard your hand, and sacrificing characters on the board with marched or Fallen from Favor. Some games I would have flea bottom out but no targets to jump in. So i decided to go down to 2 copies of flea bottom and add in one more copy of the iron throne. Passive power gain is really helpful in a slower deck like this.

I definitely think 3 copies of flea bottom would not be incorrect though.

DrNovak 1

I have tested the deck and I really, really like it! Awesome card draw, good economy, icon removal, ambush and lots of options! Iron Throne is really important when the games are running long. The two things I have on my wish list are: 1. Attachment hate/removal. I ran into milk of the poppy, frozen solid and craven which all created some problems along the way. 2. Tutoring. Prmarly for Arianne, Nymeria, Areo or a handy dupe when suspecting a Valar. However still won the 3 games I have played on throneteki so far and looking forward to further test and applying my own flavor. Excellent work!