Targ Fealty: IoWorlds winner, 4-2 at Worlds

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Derived from
Targ Fealty: 6-0 in Malaga, 4-2 in Varberg 18 11 7 1.0
Inspiration for
Targ Fealty: Top 4 Red Saturday 6 6 2 3.0

sandy 135

same deck, different day.


Stormborn 193

Congrats on your Worlds win!

Ra1dy 32

Is this the worlds winner deck of Reinhard?

sandy 135

@Ra1dyno, this was IoWorlds winner, not Worlds winner. I went 4-2 at worlds, and did not make top 16.

dukayn 2

@Ra1dyNo, Reinhard was Targ Crossing and I know for a fact that he ran at least 1 Braided Warriors so it's not the same deck, although both being Targ I imagine they are similar.

Also House of Thorns wasn't legal for Worlds Joust, so at minimum there's no Qotho in there.

@sandy, what did you drop to include Qotho for IoWorlds?

sandy 135

@dukayn greyworm for qotho seemed like a no brainer.

dukayn 2

@sandyAh ok yeah I can see that. Nice deck man and congrats on the IoWorlds win!

zack 3

Interesting choice of running Building Orders, I can see how that allows you to reduce the usual redundancy in some of the strong location and make Crown more likely to come by. You happy about that choice? Is 2x worth it in hindsight?

FWIW, I'm running Favors From the Crown recently in this kind of decks, and it's quite nice (and my current deck has less targets for it than yours).

zack 3

oh, I'm also curious about your choice to run 2x The Iron Throne, what's the rationale for that?

sandy 135

@zack I think 2x building orders increases consistency of the deck immensely. There are very few games where I didn't open with it - being able to get either economy or Fleabottom/plaza early is great for tempo. I thought about favors for the crown, but honestly I don't bestow any cards when I play them except astapor - irri and begging brother I almost always bestow only when they come in through Fleabottom. Astapor it's worth it for, but I'd rather fetch another economy location (or something better) with building orders than get the extra gold on bestow.

2x iron throne is there mostly because without it I have zero chance vs painted table decks. It's also not bad for a deck that has so little renown to win dominance consistently.