Targ Fealty: 6-0 in Malaga, 4-2 in Varberg

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None. Self-made deck here.
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Targ Fealty: IoWorlds winner, 4-2 at Worlds 6 1 9 2.0

sandy 165

I did pretty well with this deck in my two weeks in Europe. I ran 2x Marched instead of Varys Riddle in Malaga. Building orders may be good too.

pretty self explanatory. I think this deck plays best when you only play cheap characters until after your/their Valar. I will often mulligan a hand with a drogo or Dany setup because it's too big of a tempo hit.

use time of plenty to play astapor early. then like, burn stuff and win challenges. there's a lot of synergy - you can almost always do something with the cards in your hand.

the deck can be slow, because astapor means it's difficult for your opponent to get unopposed power, and you have almost no renown.

might make a rains version next.


sandy 165

This is a variation of my Fracas and GenCon Melee deck. Props to the NYC/Ottawa meta for the original version!

fauxintel 221

Considering you made the top 8 in Malaga (and was King of Swiss) you can label this as a tournament deck,

PhoenixInferno 15

Only 2 Plaza of Pride? I figure you want to see that ASAP

euphius 242

As someone who has drawn all 3 of it in a mulligan hand playing 3x...I am beginning to like 2x of it better too. Its cost isn't high enough to even make good use dumping the duplicates to activate its ability...

sandy 165

Basically, I don't have room for 3x - too many good locations. Pride, Punishment and Fleabottom are all great in this deck, and shine in different matchups. 3x Astapor because that is good in every matchup.

Kobal 1

What are your thoughts on Retaliation (especially nice in tandem with Khal Drogo) and Close Call ?

MiSiO 273

I use a deck similar in 90%... When Targ will get new toys? Most factions have at least 2 versions of their main dudes... We have 2 copies or Viserys Targaryen (Core)/Viserys Targaryen (AtSK)...