Targ Fealty: Top 4 Red Saturday

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Targ Fealty: IoWorlds winner, 4-2 at Worlds 6 1 9 2.0
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sandy 135

Classic Targ Fealty - with Valar Dohaeris

Valar Dohaeris was not super helpful in any games - it got rid of one character in a game vs a Bloodrider deck, and it helped me save from Valar Morghulis but otherwise was very low impact. However, I didn't play vs Tyrell, so that may be why it wasn't useful.

My loss in swiss and top 4 was to a targ crossing deck - I'm not convinced crossing is better, but both games I gave up tempo due to not seeing characters; so it may be a deck issue.


zack 3

my early experience with Valar Dohaeris in Targ is very similar: doesn't seem as impactful as I was hoping. Nowhere near the equivalent of The First Snow of Winter in… any other faction basically :)

Thanks for sharing the deck!

PhoenixInferno 9

Feels to me that with Flea Bottom dominating the meta the way it is, no one is running the kind of Big Guy decks Valar Doheris would be useful against.