Naval Superiority

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SenescentOcelot 41

The inspiration for this deck comes from wanting to teach beginners the main mechanics without getting drowned in the most minutia of details. What better way than to play a deck based on the Drowned Men?

As a deck, youve got plenty of tools at your disposal to win Dominance. With this being the focus of the deck, new players can focus on one path. Further, the abilities associated with the Drowned God traits are good excercises in managing character stength and abilities with changing board state.

There are minimal high cost characters and as is the nature of character decks it is susceptible to control decks and Valar Morghulis. However the minor combos of hifh initiave and first player bonuses (Raiding Longship, Iron Fleet Scout) give a new player the edge necessary to exploit weak defense, without too much reliance on hand state or ability combos.

Less is more, and Keep it Simple are words to live by in this deck


uBaH 7

How do you leverage Naval Superiority?

SenescentOcelot 41

This is the standard lead in plot. High Initiative, and most likely your opponent is playing an economy plot like Pentoshi, Late Summer Feast, etc.

By knocking out an early advantage for your opponent, you can slow play the first hand, and try to get an early dominance point. Playing Flea Bottom Bastard in your marshaling is a great way to start, with a focus on dominance.

Mainly it's thematic.

SonOfBattles1 98

Superior ships or not. I'd hate to see a The First Snow of Winter turn.

SenescentOcelot 41

Salladhor Saan with a couple of Drowned Men would be a fairly reasonable defense. With enough warships and initiative, there are far worse plots to encounter.